January Roundup

Well boys and girls, as January draws to a close, a lot has happened here at Spiral Seductions! New files, new ideas and a whole lot of New Year awesomeness.

Let’s start with the freebies, since we know how much you like them. ;) This month has seen three new ones hit the ground running. Ember’s ‘Say it Again‘ and ‘Conquered‘ and Charlotte’s ‘Become‘ have all been making very pretty waves in your minds. While over in our Premium Files section, Ember has two special treats for you. A voyage to siren territory in her mind-melting brainwashing loop ‘Wrecked‘ and a rare glimpse into a live session with her, with her accidentally recorded (yay for happy accidents!) ‘Live‘. Meanwhile, Charlotte set her freak-flag flying with an unusual hypnofantasy ‘From the Deep‘. Who doesn’t love hypnotic tentacles, right?

Elsewhere on Spiral Seductions this month, you’ll find Charlotte’s ‘Project Trance-Formation‘ and Ember’s ‘Sissy Bot‘ projects have both found a comfortable home here, and we’ve been loving the response to both! Seriously, you guys ROCK! :D

And last but not least, after very careful consideration, we’ve decided to provide a Suggestions page, which you can find linked up top from the menu. Got a great idea for a session? Read the info and then submit it to us, and who knows? You might just find your dreams coming true!


Just Keep Playing

[ I had very much wanted to get a couple of new files out this week, but with my wonderful annual dose of bronchitis, that plan kinda got squished. So here’s a little blip from the life of Charlotte, just to keep you entertained while I recover. It’s not always Deadly Serious Domination in my world yaknow… ]

“Whatcha doin’ babe?”

He glances up from the TV, giving me that look. The one that clearly states that he knows I’m up to something. He wafts the PS4 controller at me, turning back to the screen and returning to the furious button-bashing he’d been engaging in before I so rudely interrupted.

I sidle up beside him, kicking the dogs off the couch as I go. “Just… Pretend I’m not here,” I say, “Keep playing.”

My fingers creep over his thighs, tracing patterns over the worn denim. Inching up to the fly. I can feel his cock give a half-interested twitch beneath the fabric, and I press my palm flat against the growing warmth there. This will go one of two ways, either he’ll let me play while he does, and get off; or he’ll lose the game and get pissed and then get off. Either way he’s getting off, because I want to get him off. It’s that simple really.

He glares at the little footballers running around on screen, doing his level best to completely ignore me, and I mentally fist-bump myself. I love when he plays along.

I walk my fingers up the buttons, flicking them open one by one. Feeling him swell up into the space provided. He has a truly gorgeous dick, silky soft steel under my hands, it makes my mouth water. I want on that. Now. It’s happening. And I duck my head, insinuating myself under the barrier of his arms, the pat-pat of the game controller buttons suddenly loud in my ears. I don’t care. I’m intent. My teachers at school would be proud of the sheer focus I have right now. Well… Maybe not.

When my lips touch the head of his cock, he draws in a strangled gasp. Every time. Every single time, and that noise goes straight to my head, I’ll never get tired of hearing it. “I can’t,” He grits out above me, going still. And I smile around his cock. Yeah, you can baby, you can. And he tries, bless his heart. He really does. Tries to keep playing, despite the warm suction. Tries to concentrate through the clenching, spiraling pleasure, the slick twist and curl of my tongue and the dirty, wet sounds of the sloppy BJ going on in his lap. He fails.

A few short minutes later, delicately wiping a drop of escaped spunk from the corner of my mouth and tucking him back into his jeans, I look over at the TV to see his player standing uselessly in the middle of the field, while the game rages around him. It kinda matches his glassy-eyed, dazed expression, and I laugh. I can’t help it. It’s weirdly hilarious. I stand up, kiss his damp forehead and swing off to the kitchen for a glass of juice. My mouth is sticky.

“I hate you!” Comes the voice from the livingroom, and I break out in a stupid grin.

“Love you too, babe.”


Conditioned Reflex

[Repost from hausofgray.net]

Or Little Red Riding Hoodie & the Big Bad Wolf

I’ve spoken about conditioned reflexes before, quite extensively in fact. I’m not going to lecture you again on what they are or how they work. Instead I’m going to tell you how a certain boy became the perfectly trained and willing victim of a predator.

He was younger, you see. Innocent. That’s what really got me. I wanted that innocence. I wanted to take it and twist it and turn it into something dirty. I wanted to crush the fragile bones of his wrists into the wall and press up hard against him. I wanted to take. I wanted to steal. I wanted all of him. Everything he was. I wanted to break him, to ruin him.

I didn’t touch him. I bought him a present.

Lounging in the break room, lithe and lazy, a cherry lollipop caught between his teeth, he unwrapped my gift. It was his birthday, nineteen years old, whole life ahead of him and all of that. He pulled the plain red hoodie from the paper, beamed around the candy, thanked me and tried it on. Hood up, zipped halfway, it suited him and I told him so. Smiled at him. All sweetness and the chemical scent of cherries. And the game was on.

Six months of casual touches, swift smiles and lingering glances across the room. Six months of toying with my treat, but only when he wore that red hoodie. He wore it more and more, perhaps unconsciously, perhaps not. And every time he did, I allowed a little more of my possessive nature to bleed into our interactions. Fingernails grazing the back of his neck, leaning in close; I could practically taste his interest, feel his desire growing in the quick, nervous thump of his pulse.

Slowly, gently, carefully I taught him how to be a victim. How to display submission in the bared line of his throat, the flicker of his eyelashes. I rewarded each display with the attention he craved. A year passed. I had time. I can wait forever when the prize is worth it. His red hoodie is battered now, frayed at the cuffs where he pulls his hands inside the sleeves, making himself nonthreatening. Playing the victim. It’s time.

The next time he wears it, I catch him in the courtyard. No words, just a look, and he backs himself up against the wall, letting me crowd him, accepting the knee pushed between his thighs, the rough tug at the back of his neck, and his eyes roll up and closed, a tiny desperate noise catching between his teeth as I lean in and bite. Claim. Take. And when I’m done, I leave him gasping, wrecked and disheveled; but his hood is still pulled up.

Two years, and he’s older, wiser, smarter. He’s funny and popular, a real lady-killer, confident and even a little arrogant sometimes. It makes me smile. Little Red is all grown up.

And when the gentle, hesitant knock comes at my door, I smile again, in no rush to answer. I know he won’t leave before I get there. And there he is, in his old red hoodie, a soft, nervous smile playing on his lips. His eyes flick up quickly, then down again. Asking without words. He knows his place.

He enters on his knees.


The Wrap-Up

I know this post is overdue. I’m moving in just over a week, and things are a little hectic. ;)

Here’s everything set to go!  (Bonus: scenic view of moving boxes in the corner.)


(For anyone thinking inflation has really taken a bite out of the purchasing power of over five grand, keep in mind the gift cards ring in at $2,260!)

The people at the organization were so incredibly grateful. The executive director even came by to say hi while we were checking everything off and filling out the donation receipts. A lot of Christmases are going to be significantly brighter because of this incredible thing we all did together. Charlotte and I are so proud to be part of such a caring and giving community. The outpouring of support we saw this year absolutely blew our minds. Thank you, so much, to everyone who joined in!

Even though I have to redact most of the information, I do like to provide pictures of the donation receipts so everyone knows that gifts got donated on time… There are two this year because I donated one chunk of stuff directly on someone’s behalf.

(Those of you with sharp eyes will notice that the amount on the receipts doesn’t quite match the $5,240 figure. That chunk was lost to PayPal donation fees and shipping costs which I obviously couldn’t include as part of the value of the donation!)



Holiday Drive: THE FINAL DAY


How would you like to win six months of free erotic hypnosis? Or how about never paying for a single file from Ember or Charlotte for an entire year?  Well, since we raised over $5,000, on Sunday evening, Spiral Seductions will raffle off five prizes:

  • 2 Premium Files
  • 4 Premium Files
  • 3 months of Premium File access
  • 6 months of Premium File access
  • 12 months of Premium File access

Want in? Of course you do! All it takes is donating $5 to a very good cause. One entry per person, no matter how much you donate. So everyone has an equal chance to spend a year mind-fucked into sexy oblivion, without spending a dime. :) Just be sure to get your donation in by 11:59pm Saturday evening, December 6th, 2014.

Here are two very easy ways to donate:

Head over to our non-kinky sister site, Somewhere Downtown and make a donation via PayPal. (PayPal will provide the email address associated with the account so as soon as you donate, you’re entered! If you want a different email used as your contact info, please email Ember at emberandether[at]gmail(dot)com.)

Send an Amazon e-giftcard to Ember at emberandether[at]gmail(dot)com. Include your email address in the gift message, and you’ll get entered to win.

Five bucks can help make the holidays bright for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Five bucks can make sure their kids have presents to unwrap. And five bucks can get you five chances to score free hypnosis.

No matter what, everyone wins. ;)

P.S. – There is ONE exclusive dual-vocal loop still available. Details on how to get it here.

P.P.S. – The one thing I can’t buy on Amazon with all the Amazon e-giftcards we get for this drive is… yup, other giftcards. So that Starbucks card on the wishlist might not get bought without your help! It was bought!



(8.5 minute dual-vocal seamless brainwashing loop)

We know who you are. Deep down inside. We know what you are.

We know the searing, burning desires that make you such a perfectly submissive slut. And we want to make sure you never forget it. There is nothing sexier than a man who knows his sexual place, his sexual purpose. For you, that’s being at the beck and call of a dominant woman. Mind and body ready to perform and please. Because no matter what mask you must wear in your daily life, burning just below the surface is your true nature – that of a filthy little slut for Mistress.

(This loop is not Mistress specific! Anyone can listen, and it will naturally translate to the woman you serve. Headphones strongly recommended.)

We’re releasing 15 20 copies of this loop. It will never ever be available for general purchase or download. Both previous loops sold out in under 24 hours, so we’re adding a few extra to this final one so more people get a chance at this exclusive content. Please note, since they will not disappear at the end of this fundraiser, the gift files on offer this week (Howl and Liquid Lust) are not offered in combination with this donation.

Here’s how to get a copy:

  1. Go to the Amazon wishlist.
  2. Purchase one of the twenty $25 physical giftcards marked “BURNING DESIRES”
  3. Email a screenshot of your purchase to emberandether(at)gmail[dot]com.
  4. Get your slutty brainwashing fix! :)