Slutty Little Boys

[Note: Occasionally I’ll re-post blogs that appeared on Ember&Ether. This is one of those times.]

You know what I love about slutty little boys? They can’t lie. Oh, they can speak untruths, but they can’t lie. A slow, whispered question, weak falsehoods trembling on their lips, a glance between their legs, and I know everything I need to know.

Every slut is different, so I just have to find the right question. The question to which his gut instinct will be to answer, “No, Mistress,” but his body shows me he actually means, “Oh fuck yes!” 

I like searching for these questions… It’s the things a submissive is slightly ashamed of or slightly scared to be turned on by that make him melt into submissive bliss and then swell and spasm and spurt. A perfect little toy.

For some little sluts, it’s: “Do you want to be tied you up, naked and gagged, and made to stand in front of a window so the world can see you’re an owned slut-for-use?”

Or perhaps: “I want to invade your body while I invade your mind… I want every part of you to be open and accepting of me and my control… Do you want to be my open, available anal slut, pet?”

Or even: “If I brought you my slave girl… Dropped her at your feet… And ordered you to hold her down and fuck her face – while I watch and direct so you’re doing it to my exact specifications, both of your being my fucktoy puppets – until she chokes on your cum… Would you want to do that?”

Some of you may say, “Yes, Mistress,” to every question here, because you crave obedience, you truly want to give over control to me, your higher power, you want me to make these decisions because you are deeply submissive… And that’s perfectly fine. there is nothing wrong with being a desirous slut for me.

I’ll just keep looking until I find the question that makes you whisper, shakily, “No, Mistress,” while your cock betrays you and tells me that you do indeed want, so badly, to do exactly as I say. Then I can smile and remind you that slutty little boys can’t lie.


Mad March

Hi boys and girls! As March draws to a close, it’s time for a quick update from us. Let’s see now, what’s new? What’s happened this month? Quite a bit, as it happens!

Our free chat and trance in our chat room happened earlier this month, and it was a blast! Ember and I have had a little trouble coordinating schedules on this, since I’ve had a crazy busy start to the year; but we think it was worth the wait. Good times had by all, and hopefully we’ll be seeing you there again soon enough. In fact, we’ve decided to put a handy link to our chat room fund right HERE. No time limit on this one, they’ll happen when they happen. :)

You guys might have noticed that we’ve been having some way uncool website issues recently, which we’re not terribly thrilled about. Spiral Seductions is a pretty high-traffic site and we need a lot of resources to keep our stuff downloadable without hassle, so we expect a certain amount of latency issues; but this has sucked hardcore. For now, I’ve found a workaround, but do bear with us if we’re still a little slow. Or yaknow, shell out to buy us a private server. Either or.

Let’s see, what else? Some of you may notice that our Slave Training page has gone bye-bye’s again, as it has before. The reason is simple, we’re full! Slave Training will return when we have room in our houses for more exceptionally devoted slaves, for now rest assured that everyone is still welcome to get involved as subs, trance-buddies, followers and fans.

And the last bits of news we have to share right now, have to do with our personal projects. Most of you know by now that Ember has been rocking worlds and melting brains with, which has now branched out and includes all manner of other fun bits and pieces. Check it out if you haven’t yet, it’s worth it! Or for those who are missing my personal blog at the Haus of Gray, (sadly lost to technical failure,) you can now find my kinkysexy ramblings at I really hated not having a place to chat and write about the more intimate and personal things that don’t really fit here, and I heart my new blog!

And one last thing, you fabulous trance-addicts, you. Just for fun and because I’m feeling generous, this weekend you can grab both Level 1: Project T-F files for a nice little price break. $24.99 for both, awesome! Clicky Here  [And we’re done!]  ;)


Slutty Bunny

I’m the type of girl who celebrates. I’ll take any excuse to buy a loved one a gift, send a card, or – in this case – make my man an Easter basket. (No one with little kids panic – Easter isn’t for weeks! This has just got to have time to ship to a stupid address.) My guy is a grown man who in no way cares about this holiday. He likes candy more than the average person, but he certainly doesn’t pine for an Easter basket.

But since when is anything about HIM? :P I wanted to make an Easter basket, so dammit, I was making one.

I think it’s impolite to send a gift without a note, so I wanted to get him a card. I think you are JUST the right audience to really appreciate what transpired when I went card shopping. I scribbled it all down in the card as soon as I got home so… Enjoy.

(you can click the images for large versions)

Card_exterior Card_interior


Free Chat & Trance!

Well, well, boys and girls, the much-anticipated moment has arrived! We promised you a live chat and dual trance as a reward for helping us reach our fundraising goals for the Holiday Drive, and we’ve finally been able to set a date!

We are going to be holding the chat in our chatroom on Friday, March 13th at 9pm ET / 1am GMT (remember, clocks have changed in the US but not in the UK yet, so plan accordingly).

There is no password required, and you can come and be as anonymous and/or silent as you like – but of course we’re hoping you’ll interact with us! We will chat for a while first, and then start trance. The trance will be general sexy hypno-fun, nothing hardcore or Mistress-specific.

PLEASE NOTE: We have chosen a platform that is accessible to the largest group of people. If you can’t get into the chat, or your computer doesn’t support the software, we can’t offer assistance with that. Before the trance starts, we will make sure everyone knows how to access our audio feeds. However, if you turn up after the trance has already started, we will obviously be unable to interrupt everyone else’s trance experience just to tell you which buttons to push!

Hope we see you there!




A while back I Tweeted a random little factoid:

“The origin of the word ‘seduction’ is from the Latin for ‘to lead astray’, ut seducant. I wonder, how far can you be led?”

And it got me thinking about seduction, hypnosis and BDSM. There is something inherently seductive about hypnosis, isn’t there? You begin in the real world, with all it’s problems weighing on you, and then after a while, things grow softer. Dreamy. Delicate. You’re taken out of the world for a while, and into a place of beauty and sanctuary. You are, in a word, seduced.

Very often, I come across forum posts and blogs and such, where people talk about their inability to go into deep trance. They ask for advice, they share tips, and sometimes they find their way there with the help of our community. That isn’t what I’m going to talk about today, but it is relevant, because the thing that always strikes me about those posts, is the desire of the person asking. Their drive to find another place, outside of reality. Their need to be overwhelmed. To be seduced.

And that is, I think, the basic desire behind erotic hypnosis. It isn’t to throw yourself down at the feet of a dominant woman, nor to give without return (although those things can become part of the experience), it is the aching, burning desire to be seduced. For a woman to use all of her charm and sensuality to draw you to her, make you feel something beyond the ordinary, something deeply erotic that melts your defenses. A surrender that occurs naturally as a part of her deep and satisfying seduction of your mind and body, is impossible to resist. There is simply no desire to resist it.

And so I think the difficulty some people present with, when attempting to find their way to deep trance, is on some level a desperate yearning to be seduced as an individual. As a man (or woman) who is desired for his (or her) own sake rather than as a faceless number in a crowd. Seduction is an art that takes time and effort to affect, and knowing that a woman takes the trouble to employ these artful skills upon your mind personally, is half the battle won, in dropping down into deep trance. A man who cannot find his way there by himself, might be much better off making personal contact with the woman he has adored from afar. Letting her know his mind, even in small ways, can make all the difference to his experience.

Who is there really, who does not desire to be overwhelmed by the purest, sexual pleasure, given as a gift by the woman he adores? Who is there that would enter a sexual experience, only to be unresponsive and disinterested? This isn’t something that happens in real life; and so in recreating the sexual experience as part of a hypnotic relationship with a woman, real life must be allowed to enter. You and she as real people, who connect because they choose to, because they want to and because on some level, they need to.

So if you are one of those people that struggles to find their way into trance, I want you to ask yourself a question. Is “I can’t go into trance” a secret code in your mind, that really means “Please, seduce me!” ? Ask yourself that question, and you may just find that at least some of your difficulties evaporate, with the first email you send to your chosen Domme.



In our strange little fetish community, the terms ‘brainwashing’ and ‘mind control’ are often used interchangeably with ‘hypnosis’. I’ve been watching a forum discussion about this elsewhere over the past couple of days, and it’s been really quite interesting to see the responses. So I thought for the hell of it, I’d give my two cents worth here.

To me, brainwashing, mind control and hypnosis are not the same thing. Not even remotely. I won’t go into the science and psychology of it, but rather just give my personal opinions. While all three terms can be taken as making a change to the mindset or the behaviour of the subject, the method of arriving at that point is wildly different. Hypnosis uses direct or indirect suggestion, given in a state of trance. Of course you know that already, if you’re here. ;) Brainwashing though? Not so much.

I tend to think of hypnosis as being contained. It has a specific goal, and a specific method of arriving at it. A hypnosis session directs the subconscious mind in a particular way, along a predetermined path. Brainwashing doesn’t do that. It plants a seed, either consciously or unconsciously, through many and varied methods; and that seed takes root as the subject tries to fit the new idea into his or her existing notions of How The World Works. Sometimes fitting the new idea in can make for some very interesting and wonderfully twisted logic jumps, as the subject struggles to make sense of everything. But that’s part of the fun!

So in (very) brief summary, the difference between hypnosis and mind control is simple: Hypnosis directs. Brainwashing creates.

There is a very clear and very distinct difference between the two, in my mind at least. And confusing the terms can lead to some rather unsatisfying experiences on both sides of the /. And though I do believe it’s possible to have elements of both at play within the same session, the experience will be necessarily different for the subject.

And on that note boys, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, wherever you are and whatever (or whoever) you’re doing. We love you all! <3