Action Reaction

Action Reaction – Interactive BDSM Hypnosis, by Charlotte

Action Reaction

I care about all of my subs, here in hypno-land. And it’s the people that I care about, whom I find myself wanting to hurt the most. Those people get to me, get right under my skin and prickle at my vicious, predatory side. And something inside me goes dark, so that I want to humiliate them and cause them pain. I want to make them wear my marks on their skin, and feel each and every one as a reminder of my power and control over them. Could you be ready to take a brave step into the unknown? Are you one of those special people? One of those wonderful, submissive boys that will truly do anything for Mistress? Just how much are you willing to do, to give me my dominant thrills?

This interactive BDSM trance begins with a disarmingly gentle induction, whether to relax you or to lull you into a false sense of security, you’ll never know 😉 Once in trance, you will be made not just to listen, but to act. To react. To obey my orders, and suck it up if you don’t like them. Nobody ever said slavery was easy. You might not like the things I make you do. Not at that precise moment. But later, when you recall how you were used and abused for my entertainment, you definitely will. When I demand your submission, can you give it? When I demand your pride, will you discard it? When I demand your pain, can you take it? Cruelty is in the eye of the beholder. This wickedly entrancing mp3 contains material which some may find too extreme. If you cannot handle mild humiliation or self-inflicted pain of the pinching, slapping, squeezing variety… Don’t download.

(36 min)

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Mindsuck Release

Fans of mine who don’t love this domination-by-blowjob session can be declared legally dead in all 50 states.

That should be enough said for you to download this 45-minute intensely erotic hypno-fantasy. I mean, it’s free – even if your mind and body are decidedly mine in this session – so you’ve got nothing to lose. Except, perhaps, a little more of your free will to me.

One thing’s for sure, you may be getting what you want in this trance – long, hot, sexy-beyond-words oral from yours truly – but in the end, I think you’ll see what I mean when I say I get exactly what I want too.

(re-uploaded versions, which should fix the name-slurry issue!)

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NOTE: Normally, I don’t have a preference as to how people say thank you for my free work. But today, I do.

A good friend of mine has just gotten into med school. She’s a 25-year-old cancer survivor and wants to devote her life to caring for the sick, specifically those who don’t have insurance. A beautiful woman, inside and out.

She SHOULD be in full celebration mode now, but everything has been darkened by a really rough patch in her personal life. Without sharing stories that aren’t mind to tell, I will say she was treated incredibly poorly by a guy – the kind of treatment that makes me absolutely fucking LIVID.

I’ve decided I want to get her a stethoscope – a nice one, and a cancer-awareness version to boot! Now, I could just pick it up myself (and I will – she’s GETTING this one way or the other!) BUT BUT BUT…

I thought, given why she’s feeling so bad right now, it would mean something special if a fantastic guy (or guys) wanted to help me gift it to her. Put a little right with the universe, to cosmically make up for how she was disrespected and hurt so badly by a man.

SO… If you visit THIS WISHLIST you may see the 3M Littmann stethoscope at the top of the list. If you don’t, some incredible person bought it! I would LOVE for someone to gift it to me ASAP (I see her next Friday, so I need to have it ordered by Tuesday at the latest) so I can gift it to her… Or, since it’s fairly expensive, you can send Amazon GCs toward it to emberandether(at)gmail(dot)com.

This would mean a lot to me – and to her. Thank you, in advance, for how awesome I know you are going to be about this. You always pull through when I really want to make another woman happy!

But right now – go listen to Mindsuck!!! Your thanks can come after you do. 😉

UPDATE: Oh my goodness you pulled through in such a major way SO quickly!!! The gorgeous $175 Littmann stethoscope is officially bought! I’m SO SO SO happy. 😀 For those who will see this after it’s “too late” for the stethoscope, I’d also LOVE to get her flowers and a housewarming gift, so you can still send Amazon GCs and I’ll spoil her exactly as she deserves and NEEDS right now!!! The more spoiled she is, the better!!!

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