Backmasquerade – Erotic Hypnosis, by Ember


On the surface, this  file is a delicious and sexy hypnofantasy in which you search for me amid a throng of masked party-goers and enticing women…  But underneath the surface, beneath the mask, it is an intricately woven file with many layers, backmasked, whispered, subliminal, binaural, all carefully designed to deeply enhance your submission to me while you are in the depths of trance.


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From beginning to end, Mistress Ember’s Backmasquerade is a session of true beauty in its construction and a session that is truly beautiful to experience as a submissive. Backmasquerade is a journey into trance, a journey into mental bliss, a journey of discovery and a journey into submission to Ember.

Starting with its induction, continuing into the search for the Queen of the Masquerade Ball within the scene and ultimately within the wonderful conclusion of the scene, Backmasquerade creates both tremendous relaxation and immense feelings of submission within the listener. These feelings build more and more as the session goes on and by the end of the session they are almost too much to handle.

Mistress Ember’s detailed descriptions of the masquerade ball and of the journey taken within the masquerade are such a joy to experience, a joy which is heightened further by the delivery of Ember’s voice, which is especially elegant in this session. While listening, it truly feels like you are right there in the middle of the masquerade ball. Ember has such a talent for mixing elements of fantasy and reality together and being able to blend them without having them clash with one another. That talent is truly on display within Backmasquerade.

The journey within Backmasquerade very much mirrors a journey taken into Mistress Ember’s world for those who choose to do so. In entering Ember’s world, inside and outside of trance, so many other aspects of life around you don’t feel quite as important as they once did before. Instead, more and more time and attention is dedicated to discovering more of Ember’s world and journeying deeper into it. And in submitting to Ember’s control, a submissive has the opportunity to feel more truthful inside, an opportunity not to be burdened by the mask that the rest of the world sees.

I think Backmasquerade is a session that everyone should listen to and it is an especially great place to start for anyone taking a journey into the world of Mistress Ember and her many incredible sessions. – from


Holy crow this is intense! I already knew that Ember’s voice could drop me like a brick, I already knew that she had outstanding skill and that the world she weaves around her subs is erotic to the point of delirium. I didn’t know, didn’t even suspect, that adding these subtle new elements to her work could bring out such an explosive new aspect to her recordings. If you ever wanted your world to turn inside out, your body to reach new heights of pleasure, and your heart to almost break through your chest with the sheer joy and sweetness of submission; you need to hear this file.

Ember, I’m yours. Entirely, completely yours. Thank you for this, words can’t possibly do it justice. – from

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