Winding Down the 2016 Charity Drive

It’s been a whirlwind 6-ish days… We’ve raised more money than I thought possible (currently $7,186.41.)
8:43pm EDIT – $7,200.52
11:20am FINAL TOTAL EDIT – $7,534.06

Last year, we had nearly 3 weeks to raise funds and we topped out at an incredible $7,351.77.

The fact that we are SO close to last year’s amount in just a third of the time is humbling. I don’t use that word often, but there is no better one to use here. I’m humbled.

I don’t know if we will top last year, and I honestly don’t care if we don’t. What we’ve done is nothing short of amazing. I admit I can’t help thinking what if…

Bullet points about the end of the drive, for your convenience!

  • Visit THIS POST for donation instructions.
  • If the links to Amazon and PayPal are active, you’re good to go!
  • I’ll kill the links and close the LIMITED EDITION STORE tomorrow AM.
  • I only guarantee links/store will be active/open until 9am ET.
  • Go listen to some hot hypno – you earned it. 😀
  • If Santa Ignored You

    Let’s talk Santa!

    There’s a good chance the 6-year-old and the 4-year-old little girls in our adopted family believe in and love Santa Claus. But have they ever believed he loves them back?

    Maybe they think they just weren’t well-behaved enough to get the toys they want. Maybe they think Santa just doesn’t care about poor children. Maybe they don’t even believe in Santa – maybe they had to be told at a very young age that he didn’t exist so they knew why they weren’t getting presents from the North Pole like the other kids in school. We don’t know and we never will.

    But we do know Santa won’t ignore them this year. All because you guys are doing a truly amazing thing.

    I’ll be honest, with my surgery and subsequent month-long illness resulting in the need to shorten our drive this year made me think we’d have modest donation total. Not due to a lack of generosity, but simply a lack of time to get the word out. I have never been more pleased to be mistaken.

    As of this moment, we are standing at $5,4508.9 donated thus far. Which I’ve had to update twice while writing this, btw. Last year the total donated was $7,351.77. (The odd amounts reflect PayPal fees.)

    So with a couple more days to go, we are shy of last year’s total by less than $1,900. That’s INSANE. Insane in the very best way imaginable, but still insane.

    I was literally in tears today. Not only will we make Christmas amazing for our family, we’re going to get to donate a bunch of things to the general holiday collection – focusing on the mothers who have fled a domestically or sexually violent environment, as well as their older children (who never get as many donations in toy drives – everyone has more fun shopping for the little ones.)

    The coordinator I spoke with today, who has been my contact this year and last, said the adopted families have often never had the joy of opening presents together on Christmas morning. Many of them have sought shelter with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They are in a time of emotional and physical upheaval and transition, and providing Christmas for them is most often a pure infusion of joy into an otherwise stressful, cheerless time.

    We are so incredibly grateful to have such generous, fabulous, loyal friends, fans, and followers out there. This – this charity drive – this is Christmas.

    JOIN US FOR CHAT TONIGHT, December 7th, 2016
    We’ll be in our chat room starting at 7pm(ET)/midnight(GMT)

    Charity Drive Kickoff 2016

    Welcome to the 5th Annual Spiral Seductions Charity Event!

    Life was a little complicated this year, so in order to still hold the charity drive, we’ve had to shorten and streamline this year’s festivities. We hope you’ll still dig deep and do us proud!

    (Newcomers, the next paragraph is for you… Everyone else can skip down one.)

    Every year, we host a charity event here on Spiral Seductions. We accept donations and we open up our Limited Edition Store. At the holidays, we support survivors of domestic and sexual violence. These are mostly women, and many of them have children. Local organizations dedicated to helping these families put out a call this time of year, asking people to help provide gifts so the moms and kiddos in their shelters and safe houses can celebrate Christmas. We answer that call, and we ask for your help to do it.

    This year, because the drive has to be short and sweet (DEC 3rd – DEC 9th), we have focused our goal not on a specific amount donated, but on a specific family. We have “adopted” a mother in a shelter who took her three young daughters and fled an abusive situation. Their advocate has sent me their Christmas wishlists – each family member was asked to list 4-5 things they would love to get.

    Let’s make Christmas kick ASS for them this year!

    How to Donate

    PayPal (We ask you to go to our non-erotic sister site, Somewhere Downtown, because we can’t have PayPal links on an adult site.)
    Amazon e-giftcard (MUST be sent to emberandether(at)gmail(dot)com in US dollars)

    UPDATE: THE DRIVE IS OVER, LINKS ARE GONE, NO FURTHER DONATIONS CAN BE ACCEPTED. Thank you for an amazing charity event this year!!!

    (The first round of file download links will be sent late tonight or early tomorrow morning, depending how late Amazon wants to deliver my emergency order of cables. My new file this year, Ruby Red, won’t have a sample or graphics until that happens either!)

    Christmas Charity Drive 2016!

    Hey y’all, Charlotte here. I’ve briefly hijacked Ember’s blog to let you all know that we’ve begun the countdown to the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, that’s right, it’s almost time for the annual Christmas Charity Drive!

    As many of you know, Ember and I do this every year, lending our support and your generosity to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse through a wonderful local charity who do so much good in the community. This year is no exception, however we will be running the drive over a shorter time-span this year, due to some real-life circumstances that just can’t be helped. So be sure to remember this, and get your donations, gifts and files as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

    Now, let’s get specific.

    This year’s drive will take place between 03/12/2016 and 09/12/2016. That’s just a week, gentlemen. So let’s dig deep and make it really count! [Ember Edit: For those, like myself, who live in the US, are sleep-deprived, and had to stare at those dates for a full 15 seconds before they made sense, that’s Dec 3rdDec 9th, 2016.] {Charlotte Edit: Whoops, sorry about that unintentional Briticism there! I try, but sometimes they just slip out.}

    This year we have chosen to sponsor a specific family, rather than collect general donations. Your donations and gifts will be providing a family of four (Mother and three young daughters aged 4, 6 and 9) with all the love and joy that Christmas should bring. We think this is a beautiful way to honor women in our names, and we hope that you agree. 🙂

    On Saturday December 3rd, our LIMITED EDITION store will open up once again, with TWO brand new files for your enjoyment. Remaining open until midnight on Friday 9th. During this time you will also find links to our special cash donation page, and to the Amazon Wishlist Ember has prepared with gifts we’ve chosen for Mom and her girls. Remember to check back to this blog for info, links and special treats very soon!

    How to Beg Like a Domme and How to Be a Painting


    Here’s an audio blog about being dominant while begging to give a blow job, inspired by talking to someone on Twitter and my kickass fantasies.

    I didn’t bother to write this one out because I’m tired from not sleeping. So I just rambled for 15 minutes or so. And didn’t edit. ENJOY!

    Also, I promised someone my “Ember as a Painting” image I tweeted about the other day, so I figured you all can enjoy this while you listen.

    It amuses me to be a painting. I amuse myself. APPRECIATE ME LIKE THE WORK OF ART I AM! (Ha. See? Amused!)


    (Click if for a bigger version if you like.)

    Holy hell, I’m exhausted. And I have to turn off the computer now – storms are getting ugly here tonight and the power likes to surge. Grrrr… At least I still have my phone and can still tweet.

    (If all of this doesn’t inspire you to follow me on Twitter, just light yourself the fuck on fire.)