Conquered – Forced-Bi BDSM Hypnosis, by Ember


This session is a lush dichotomy. It is both a hardcore forced-bi fuckfest in which you’re used well – anally and orally – to service a nice thick cock in front of an audience of kinksters while you hate every second of it. It also engenders an incredibly profound Mistress/submissive relationship, an unparalleled sensation of peace and calm and being so blissfully, perfectly owned and controlled. Becoming a source of such pleasure and pride for the one who calls you hers – me.

Forced-bi is an intimate and intense fetish of mine, and this session is based off my real-life fantasies whispered to my love. So while this session has harsh action, I consider it one of the sweetest and most personal files I’ve ever made. Once you get to the end, you’ll know what I mean. Be kinky or be brave – either way this file is a must have!

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I will start out by saying that this isn’t the easiest testimonial for me to write (I’ve put it off for a little bit). But given the forced sex and public sex performance themes within Mistress Ember’s Conquered, I strongly felt that I needed to publicly share my experiences with the session in a testimonial at some point.

I’ve never considered myself or felt bi-curious. And forced-bi isn’t a personal fantasy for me (for that matter, neither is forced-straight). But, at the same time, the idea of forced-bi doesn’t make me feel all that uneasy or anything either. It’s just not a turn on for me. With that said, anal play (and specifically ordered anal play) is a turn on for me and the idea of being ordered by a Mistress to perform sexually in front of her and a safe, intimate crowd of friends is a personal fantasy of mine (albeit one I can’t imagine EVER trying to act out in real life for a number of reasons). 

The sensory memory based induction used by Mistress Ember in Conquered is both beautifully crafted and is extremely effective at taking me into a very deep and calm state of trance. Given what follows within the scene of Conquered, I think having such a strong and comforting induction really helps out the entire experience. Mistress Ember has recorded a number of very strong inductions within her work, with the induction in Conquered being among my personal favorites.

I have listened to Conquered twice now and both times I have played along using a prostate stimulator (to a much more intense degree the first time around). Normally I don’t play along with a hypnosis session before listening to the session at least once without playing along first, but given the forced nature of the kinks within Conquered, I felt very strongly that I needed to play along with Conquered without knowing exactly what was coming. From reading Mistress Ember’s description of the session, I knew in advance how important forced-bi and this session were to her. And from being so impressed, affected and moved by so many of Ember’s sessions now, I have an immense amount of trust in her as an artist. So in playing along with Conquered the first time around, it was my hope that the act would also symbolize my trust in Ember and in her art.

During my first experience with Conquered, I got down on my hands and knees (I was also in the middle of a lengthy period of chastity for Mistress Ember at the time) and at the moment that the forced-bi sex starts within the scene, I started to fuck myself with the prostate stimulator, fairly hard, but also being safe about it. It’s difficult for me to say exactly what I’ve felt the two times I’ve experienced this now. I still find the anal play arousing, but not to the same degree I normally do in a different mental setting. I do feel used and abused, but at the same time I don’t feel any disgust or shame from the forced-bi act either. And while the session certainly doesn’t make me feel mindless, I do find myself feeling hazy and a bit confused by everything.

More than anything, when experiencing and playing along with Conquered, I really do feel like a prop or an object; something whose feelings don’t matter and something that is only there because it is what Mistress desires. And as part of that (and even though she obviously isn’t aware of it at the time), I want to put on a good show for Mistress Ember while playing along with Conquered. I will admit that by the end of the forced-bi content within Conquered, I do feel like a total slut. All of this does create very intense feelings within me and I’m not sure I’ve ever felt as owned by Ember within a session as I do when experiencing Conquered. At the same time, I also remind myself during and after the session that experiencing Conquered is fantasy and not reality. 

I absolutely love getting lost in Mistress Ember’s fantasies within her sessions, even when they’re not really my own fantasies, as is the case with Conquered. And when I experience one of Ember’s fantasies that isn’t a personal fantasy, I think there is an added degree of submission to the act from the start, which is something that drives me wild. I am grateful whenever Mistress Ember shares one of her fantasies within her recordings, but am especially grateful that she decided to share her fantasies within Conquered. To be able to mentally step into this fantasy of Ember’s has meant a lot to me personally and is something that will stay in my memory for a very long time.

Finally, it goes without saying and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else with any real details, but Mistress Ember’s words at the end of the session are extremely powerful and extremely moving to me. Going through the rest of the session feels like a small price to pay to hear Ember speak those words and I am also especially grateful that Ember chose to end Conquered in this way. – from

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