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Hello darling, my name is Charlotte.

You’re here on this website for a very specific reason, aren’t you? That reason being, that you love the feeling of losing control to a dominant woman, who uses hypnosis to render you helpless. Well you’re in the right place, because nothing makes me happier than to siphon away your resistance, little by little, until it’s all completely gone. 😉

I am a fully trained, experienced hypnotist and a lifestyle Domme. Hypnosis isn’t a trick that I learned to turn men on, it’s been a part of my professional and kinky life for well over a decade. As you can guess, that means I know my stuff. You’ll find many fetishes and kinks inside my sphere of interest, and maybe you’ll discover a few you didn’t know about too, but my primary interest has always been in Power Exchange and in BDSM. That can take many forms and it can be anything from gentle encouragement to obey, all the way through to aggressive and demanding control. What matters to me is the result. The look of blank submission on your face. The knowledge that you have no escape…

You’re welcome to explore my free sessions, there are a great many of them! And when you’re ready for more, you know where to find it.

Good boys know that appreciation is a beautiful thing.

Send me a token of your appreciation, with a thoughtful gift from my Amazon Wishlist. That way, every time I use it, wear it or see it, you’ll know I’m thinking about you. And that darling, is such a wonderful feeling!

If you’re feeling flush and extravagant, you can find my Lovely Luxuries wishlist right here. Or for those who prefer to give little and often, why not brighten my world with a Little Treasure, all of which are priced below £10.

Tribute me. I love to create deeply erotic experiences for my subs and listeners, and the reason I can afford to do this for free, is that so many people offer tribute willingly. Whether it’s five dollars or five hundred, giving a selfless cash gift is a very welcome way to show your gratitude for my efforts.

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Recent Posts

A rush and a push

Well hello again darlings, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog for you, but I thought it about time to take up the habit again.

So what have I been up to while I was away? Oh, wouldn’t you like to know! In fact I’ve been a very busy girl, setting up some non-kinky business dealings and getting them to a point where they run themselves. It’s just so nice to be able to sit back and watch money roll in, while I focus exclusively on fucking your silly little brains into oblivion. And believe me my sweet, there will be plenty of that heading your way over the next few months.

You see, I’ve been saving up all my most wicked ideas and cruel fantasies, just for this purpose, and I’m absolutely brimming with glee at the prospect of turning you into a heap of helpless, fucked-out mush. It’s what I do best, after all. 😉

So dig out your headphones and sit tight, there’s a whole lot I have planned for you. I fully expect to reduce you to a quivering mess and I demand to be worshipped, adored and spoiled absolutely rotten in return. It is what a Goddess should expect of her minions, no?

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