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Are you looking to take the next step toward complete hypnotic submission? Or perhaps you’re seeking a really unique experience you can’t find anywhere else? Darling, you’re in the right place!

My full-length custom sessions are created entirely from scratch to meet your particular kinky needs. A basic session is a single audio track with optional background music. Your file will be finished in an average of 20 business days. Rush sessions are the ONLY sessions with guaranteed delivery dates.

Take a look through the options listed below, and when you’re ready, just fill out the form to order your custom session.


Length and ContentPrice: $350 (30 min) / $525 (45 min)

Sessions are available in 30 and 45 minute lengths. These lengths are approximate, but will not vary by more than a few minutes.

The best thing to do when describing your ideal custom session is to be as specific as you can. In order for this to be an intimate, erotic experience, you need to give me thoughtful input about the experience you are seeking. Without this, I’ll just be guessing and you may not be as thrilled with the outcome as you could have been!

Background MusicPrice: Free

Ambient background music can help lull your conscious mind to sleep and also prevent minor noises in your environment from disrupting your trance. But some people prefer their hypnosis without it. Just let me know which you prefer.

Brainwave EntrainmentPrice: $30 (30 min) / $45 (45 min)

For those of you who respond well to it, the addition of brainwave entertainment can help you slip into and stay in a deeper state of trance, and can markedly enrich your hypnotic experience. I custom-make unique binaural or monaural beats or isochronic tones for each and every session.

Rush FeePrice: Add 40% of the session cost

If you’re just too impatiently excited to wait, I’ll drop all my other projects to work on yours. How sweet am I? 😉 You’ll receive your custom mp3 in 5 business days. Rushed sessions are NOT eligible for discount.

Secondary AudioPrice: $200 (30 min) / $400 (45 min)

Some people find their hypnotic experience is made infinitely more sexy and satisfying by soft audible whispers, interwoven with the main vocal track, exponentially increasing the effects of trance.

A secondary audio track overlays the main trance, not the induction. It will not be looped tape – it will be unique, original content for the duration of the trance.

ExclusivityPrice: $250 (30 min) / $375 (45 min)

I retain the rights to ALL custom hypnosis sessions. You may not distribute them, whether for profit or not, unless you have my express permission issued in writing.

For all non-exclusive customs, I reserve the right to record a generic version for general release at any time if I feel your idea might be enjoyed by a wider audience. Identifying details (e.g., your name) will not be included in the generic version.

If you wish to have an exclusive custom, or if I determine your session would be unsuitable for general release, the additional fee will be included in the purchase price. You still may not distribute the session, but no generic version will ever be released to the public.

Repeated RaptureDiscount: 10% OFF

If you have ever commissioned a full-length session from me, at ANY time, you’ll receive 10% OFF all future non-rushed files.

Be sure to use the same email address you used for prior custom commissions so I can verify your previous order.

DO NOT send payment unless I have agreed to create a file for you – if you do, I’ll consider it tribute.



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