Want to listen to a rambling and lengthy audio blog which I didn’t edit one single second of, is decidedly not sexy, and in which I cough a lot?

I thought so!

* At one point, I THINK I said I might have to stay overnight in the hospital. I meant in a hotel. I’m just so sick I can’t brain.

4 thoughts on “*cough*

  1. Oh you poor thing. I’m so sorry you’re sick. I know that’s not the point, but it’s what’s in my heart, so you’ll just have to put up with sympathy, so there.

    And, from your bubble, yes, I think you’re right in most of it including the fact that you may not want to make you job political. No one needs that. And I also think you’re a kind person.

    I DO hope you feel better and that the new drain works. I hope it won’t need a plumber’s snake, but if it does, it does.

    Feel better soon.

  2. Ember,

    I hope your healing goes quickly and that your energy returns. Thank you for this update, coughing notwithstanding. And thank you for the news about the charity drive! I’m on board this year! Let’s make this a fantastic holiday for this young family!

    I’d love to leave something humorous here but I know laughing also hurts, so I’ll just wish you well again and hope you get many more presents to brighten your days.



  3. Even though I’m a dude, I do know what you’ve gone through.
    Rest… We will be here when you feel better.

    As for the politics, I have found your sessions tend to ease my political pain.
    You are helping more than you know.

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