How to Beg Like a Domme and How to Be a Painting


Here’s an audio blog about being dominant while begging to give a blow job, inspired by talking to someone on Twitter and my kickass fantasies.

I didn’t bother to write this one out because I’m tired from not sleeping. So I just rambled for 15 minutes or so. And didn’t edit. ENJOY!

Also, I promised someone my “Ember as a Painting” image I tweeted about the other day, so I figured you all can enjoy this while you listen.

It amuses me to be a painting. I amuse myself. APPRECIATE ME LIKE THE WORK OF ART I AM! (Ha. See? Amused!)


(Click if for a bigger version if you like.)

Holy hell, I’m exhausted. And I have to turn off the computer now – storms are getting ugly here tonight and the power likes to surge. Grrrr… At least I still have my phone and can still tweet.

(If all of this doesn’t inspire you to follow me on Twitter, just light yourself the fuck on fire.)

7 thoughts on “How to Beg Like a Domme and How to Be a Painting

  1. Sorry this is not to do with this article , but do you do one to make people wet them self like in bed in a diaper so you have to wear one all the time ?

    Yours Carl.

  2. Wow someone will be very lucky to have this happen to them. Very, very lucky. When will a new session be popping up Goddess Ember?

  3. wow, that’s so hot as a dom id end up making him say something like begging you to put him in chastity or something mean/humiliating but it’s open to interpretation.

    I am smiler with fantasy I kind of use your files to help I never have a submissive outlet for a long time since finding Hypno and your files
    it’s a great release valve the chance to experience submission/little/something more fetishy.
    I’m a dominant all the time have more people wanting me to take charge of them than I can manage and no real avenue to submit.

    Sso I use your files for a taste of that to ease it my fantasy if I need to be little/take a nap I put on sleep like a baby if I need something kinky listen to swallow or kneel for me.

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