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Gone Viral – Mind Infiltration Hypnosis, by Ember

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What do you know about viral replication? There is a great deal to know, but I’ll only be teaching you the very basics in this amazing session. Just enough so that you know exactly what is happening to you, and how powerless you are to stop it.

I’ll make sure you have intimate knowledge of a specific kind of penetration and proliferation. I want to teach you about the unstoppable cascade that increases exponentially as you are taken over so completely. You will come to understand the hijacking of the host which forces it to serve only one purpose – the will of the invader.

And yes, as you may have guessed, I’m not talking about viruses anymore…

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“Going Viral” is brilliant in every way. Ember’s mastery of this genre continues to develop at a dizzying speed–and she started out very strong. (VERY strong. Check out her Submission Series.)

The induction here is overwhelming, a “welcome invasion”, in one of Ember’s favorite phrases. Dazzling in the virtuosity of its confusion tactics–almost amounting to a declaration that “You can’t get out of this. I’m two steps ahead of you. Too smart for you!” And if that’s what she’s thinking, she’s right.

And then she takes something as abstract as the lifecycle of a virus and turns it into a white-hot erotic experience. Nothing sexual (which would make her job easier and her triumph less meaningful), just plain Eros.

She not only uses viral takeover as a metaphor for her domination and takeover of your mind, but she plants that metaphor in your brain, fascinates you with it, as undeniable proof that you are already infected. And doomed to be hers whenever she chooses to trigger the dormant idea.

As always, her language is spare and precise, calculated to go directly to her target: your ability to resist. Her voice is gentle but expressive, and singularly beautiful. Her delivery is perfect throughout–and simply amazing in the complex cross-rhythms she sets up in the confusing parts of the induction.

This is a session I will treasure for the rest of my life. – from Inraptured.net


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