Hold Up

Hold Up – FinDom Fantasy Hypnosis, by Ember


You clicked, now you have to pay. This is an enchanting session in which I use your mind as my personal playground, allowing you to experience being held up by a sexy thief – me. I’ll watch while you get horny as I extract all your cash and then maybe I’ll let you cum, or maybe not… Oh, and while I’m fucking around in your brain, I’ll be doing some rewiring to make you a perfect payslut for me too. Why the else would I bother with all this?

Subtle subliminal messages and carefully crafted binaural beats will make you crave the experience of being milked dry over and over again.

So what are you still doing here? I don’t like to be kept waiting, and I want to see what this file does to you.  I already know what extracting cash does to me… Mmmm…

Go now. Lie down and experience this gorgeous hypnofantasy.

(P.S. – You’ll note that I’ve used a different E-name for myself in this file. Pay that no mind, it’s still me.)

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Entirely naked except for a blindfold, he slept. I closed the front door silently behind me and slipped out of my shoes. The soft carpet conspired to keep my approach silent. The light from the dining room faded as I tiptoed down the hall, so just the barest hint remained in the bedroom.

Enough lingered so I could see the shape of his pale arm on top of the dark blanket. His vulnerability was intoxicating. I traced my fingers down his shoulder and upper arm, hardened muscle even in the looseness of sleep. Hungry for him, aching to spur him into command-following action, I wrapped my fingers around the back of his arm and squeezed.

So fast I didn’t see it coming, his other arm shot out and he seized me. With a fluid, practiced motion, he locked his hand around my thumb, twisting down and away, so my body was forced to follow. I had guessed this might happen so I didn’t cry out or try to pull away. There wasn’t any pain anyway, he had stopped just short of that. He was coiled but calm.

Silent, frozen, I waited with a smile he couldn’t see melting across my lips. After a single breath, in and out, he said my name. It was a question.

Yes. It’s me. 

He disengaged as soon as he heard my voice and said he was sorry.

Don’t be. It’s… inspiring.

I could see his brow scrunch up beneath the blindfold. “What is?” he asked.

To see training so deeply embedded.

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