Insatiable – FemDom Brainwashing, by Ember


Everyone has them… Needs and desires running wild beneath your skin… Primal and unavoidable, it’s time for you to give up trying to control them. Just leave everything to me…


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Some time back, I purchased “Drop Like a Rock”. Then, at some point, I downloaded a few of the free sessions from Your site. One of them was “Insatiable”, which, to be honest, I’m not sure why I even chose to download, as I don’t typically go for things with “horny” in the description.

At any rate, last night I listened to “Drop Like a Rock” again. And for some reason I still can’t determine, I decided to play another session after it. That session, yet again for reasons unknown, turned out to be “Insatiable”, which I had never listened to before.

By the time “Drop Like a Rock” ended, of course, I was pretty well out of it. Then “Insatiable” started, and I just floated along, enjoying Your voice – and then, quite unexpectedly, I got hit with that trigger again. Boom. Talk about a nose dive. And then… my god.. and then…

To make a long story short, I just did the same thing again, “Drop Like a Rock” followed by “Insatiable”. And I’ve come to a couple conclusions.

First – “Insatiable” may be the finest single session I’ve ever experienced, by anyone, bar none. I don’t think I’ve ever been as focused, as intent, as captivated, as… as… hell, as horny… while in trance. It truly is wonderful. In my opinion this is a masterpiece.

Second – To be quite honest, I have no desire to serve any single woman. But my God, that session makes a damn good case for choosing You if I ever do decide to. 🙂

Thank You for an incredible experience – one that I will be repeating as often as I can, both with and without dropping like a rock first. 🙂 –via email


Women have many ways into a man’s heart.  Most are pretty obvious.  One, unexpected, is to pop up in the middle of the deepest, darkest, most secret parts of his inner sexuality.  And to take him on an expertly guided tour, pointing out the local fauna and their feeding habits and temperaments.  Telling him more about his erotic drives than he knew before.  And doing this with drama, charm, and great empathy.  I, at least, found this infatuatingly intimate.  Why can’t I find women who understand these things in my life?

Being Ember, she doesn’t stop with the tour.  She whips the local beasts to a mating frenzy and encourages me to open all the gates.  I’ll let you find out what she plans to do with the resulting stampede.

Ember does all this with her gorgeous, crisp whisper, creating a mood dramatic, intimate, and dangerous.

Hypno files tend to be formulaic, minor variations on a few themes.  Not “Insatiable.”  It is original, creative, and, of all things, instructive. via email


I‘m just writing to rave about your recording Insatiable.  I would very much like some day to produce something so perfect.  I listened to it right after Drop Like A Rock, but although the induction portion of Insatiable is sort of downplayed (the listing says there’s no induction, but there’s certainly an induction-like section, though short and perhaps relying on the trigger) I didn’t get the impression that not having that trigger would necessarily matter much for the effectiveness of the file– it’s all about the story, and the intimate whisper and shared unspoken promise of barely-contained sexual excitement in your voice.  Your voice sounds different here than in Drop, and it really makes it, carrying the rising tension and distracting from where the story is actually going, until it winds up vesting those evoked fantasies in you.  Which is delightfully sneaky and fun. –via email

I just want to say that every once in a while, there is an experience that hits like a gigantic tidal wave, smashing, flooding, and changing the landscape with its raw power, and totally without warning. This track smashed me as hard as any I’ve experienced. No initial expectations or anticipation of what it would do when I pressed play, but oh my fucking goddess, I never felt so completely owned and at someone else’s mercy as I did by the end.  Good fucking grief! It was that good.

Still reeling, and unfortunately, not sated now. Must. Have. More.

Wow. Such an inadequate word to describe the feeling.

*bows in total reverence*

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