Night Vision

Night Vision – Sleep Learning Hypnosis, by Ember


Designed to work EXCLUSIVELY while you are asleep, and timed to coincide with particular sleep cycles, Night Vision promises an extremely intense hypnotic experience.

I realize many of you do not sleep alone, so not everyone will be able to go to bed with headphones (or, better yet, sleepphones) on… That’s why purchase gives you access to TWO versions of the file.

The first is the standard file, designed for use at night. The second, shorter version has been designed to use while napping, for those who can only sneak away into hypnotic surrender during the day…

While you are in the sweet, vulnerable stages of sleep, you will be drawn up into the deepest recesses of trance and I will instill my hypnotic influence to command obedience, devotion, submission, and service to me.

No fetish or extreme content in these files. Yes, the files are quite long (SLEEP version is 1 hr 47 min and NAP version is 42 min), but of course this is because they contain periods silence to allow for you to slip into natural sleep.

Sweet dreams, pets…


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“At first I thought it was a game; it’s not just a game anymore.” That quote I think more than sums up my -now continuing- experiences with the Night Visions file. But I’m getting ahead of myself:

I started playing around with the main SLEEP file about three weeks ago, curious as to how effective it would be given articles I’d read about “sleep teaching” being bogus. Of the approximately 17 times I’ve drifted off to sleep with the file twisting its way into my mind, I can only recall hearing the induction all the way through *once*. It wasn’t until about three weeks into this process that I realized (1) I was still setting the file up for nighttime listening even though I had no conscious memory or evidence of any messages or behavioral triggers and (2) I hadn’t done my usual wide-awake “spot check” of the audio on the back end of the file (“Protect your software; the rest is meat”). I made myself comfortable, fast-forwarded to about a minute before the message audio, heard the first few words…and dropped.

The second time I made a point of staying awake – and as I listened, I realized what by themselves in retrospect seemed almost unconnected behaviors taken together in context were my subconscious paving the way towards fulfilling my assigned mission. To say that this is an insidious little file is an understatement; to say that on the way to writing this little review I was ambushed by the sleepphones site is proof that it works. I’m both humbled and a little scared by how far I’m going with this.

In short, this file didn’t just touch a nerve, it stroked it into submissive bliss…

-via email


Recent Posts

Randomly Raw

So I got halfway through setting up my closet recording space in preparation for Lockdown 2017 to clear my customs backlog prior to Custom Sessions reopening on January 9th…

And I wanted to test the sound quality for a minute.

Instead I ended up rambling my way through a 26-minute entirely off-the-cuff trance. Unplanned, unscripted, unedited. I opened my mouth and it spilled out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I figured it would be a total waste just to trash it, and my hypnosis experiment of last week failed, so this will serve as a belated Christmas present.

There is no background music. There are plenty of noises from the people downstairs, mouth noises, swallowing, etc. It’s raw audio, so expect it to be, yanno, RAW. If that’s not your jam, don’t listen. I happen to like it, because it feels so close and intimate to me. But I’m an ASMR junkie, so things like mouth noises and raw imperfections make me buzzy and happy. They annoy other people, and I understand that, so consider this fair warning! 🙂

The trance itself is freeform, and contains no explicit sexual content. It’s pure submission, surrender, addiction to trance – the sexy core of this erotic D/s hypno world, in my opinion.

Download and back it up! I make no promises about how long this one will be around…


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