Chastity Training

Sissies in chastity are the biggest sluts!

The point of chastity is not to make you stop wanting orgasm – it’s to make you want it even more. On your path to becoming the sluttiest, horniest little sissy bot you can be for me, you need to be denied orgasm.

Regular periods of chastity will make you crave orgasm more and more.
It’s the perfect training for a girl like you.

Your mind will be rewired in the sluttiest of ways so that, during the time when you are not being chaste, you will still think of nothing but being a sissy sex object. First things first, sissy girl! You need to install your programming. So pick up a copy of DENIED now!

Self-Guided Chastity

An extremely affordable way to obey your programming! Each of these three training guides is for a 10-day period of chastity and is just $4.99. Each contains unique tasks to perform and different instructions for release. They are the perfect way to begin experimenting with becoming the slut I know you can be!


WHORE TAX for Failing Chastity

No matter which path you choose – orgasm if you’re successful is FREE. Slutty failure is not! If you fail to remain chaste for the whole 10 days, you must pay the WHORE TAX of $9.99. When I see you pay your tax, I will know you’ve been naughty. Then you’ll have to cum and cum and cum again, to drain the whore right out of you, before you re-enter chastity again. You must keep trying until you make it the whole ten days!


Recent Posts

A rush and a push

Well hello again darlings, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog for you, but I thought it about time to take up the habit again.

So what have I been up to while I was away? Oh, wouldn’t you like to know! In fact I’ve been a very busy girl, setting up some non-kinky business dealings and getting them to a point where they run themselves. It’s just so nice to be able to sit back and watch money roll in, while I focus exclusively on fucking your silly little brains into oblivion. And believe me my sweet, there will be plenty of that heading your way over the next few months.

You see, I’ve been saving up all my most wicked ideas and cruel fantasies, just for this purpose, and I’m absolutely brimming with glee at the prospect of turning you into a heap of helpless, fucked-out mush. It’s what I do best, after all. 😉

So dig out your headphones and sit tight, there’s a whole lot I have planned for you. I fully expect to reduce you to a quivering mess and I demand to be worshipped, adored and spoiled absolutely rotten in return. It is what a Goddess should expect of her minions, no?

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