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About The Program

The Program is designed to convert “men” (who were never really men to begin with, of course) into the girly little sissies they were always meant to be. Pretty, sexy girls and silly little dollies. Panty-wearing sluts who crave cock like good, horny girls should. Every facet of girlhood will be explored – from sensuality and sexuality to makeup and shoes to panties and bras to female thoughts to female orgasm, in individual files.

By using short brainwashing audio files (either with or without inducing hypnotic trance), this programming takes deep and permanent root. Training and programming will become a part of your daily life, molding you into the ideal sissy bitch. Since you can select content very specifically, you can train most heavily in the areas you need, and train lightly in areas that you don’t.

Real men have nothing to fear – these files will have no affect on you. Only those who were born to be sissified girls will find themselves helplessly becoming perfectly programmed little sissy bots! So go on and listen to a file or two – if they make you ache, you know your transformation is inevitable.

All files are available in two versions – either in a robotic TTS voice (for those who respond best to robotic programming) and in a human female voice (for those who want the human touch). It makes no difference which version you select, so long as it’s what you know to be most effective. You may even combine file types!

All files have seamlessly looping background music so they can be looped for brainwashing effect, or many various files can be strung together in one long training session. There is no right or wrong way to listen – just choose files which match the programming you need!


About The Programmer

The Programmer is Ember – a biological female who writes all the files and voices the human version of the files. This endeavor is separate from the rest of her work for a reason. It’s because she wishes to delineate between her role as a Mistress elsewhere and her role as a Sissy Programmer here. They are not one and the same.

This program is designed to be as flexible as possible, but realistically in many cases the only way to get the deepest, most profound change in your mind and behavior is with custom work, tailored exactly to your needs. Listen to plenty of general-release Sissy Boy files before moving on to this advanced training!

Recent Posts

Randomly Raw

So I got halfway through setting up my closet recording space in preparation for Lockdown 2017 to clear my customs backlog prior to Custom Sessions reopening on January 9th…

And I wanted to test the sound quality for a minute.

Instead I ended up rambling my way through a 26-minute entirely off-the-cuff trance. Unplanned, unscripted, unedited. I opened my mouth and it spilled out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I figured it would be a total waste just to trash it, and my hypnosis experiment of last week failed, so this will serve as a belated Christmas present.

There is no background music. There are plenty of noises from the people downstairs, mouth noises, swallowing, etc. It’s raw audio, so expect it to be, yanno, RAW. If that’s not your jam, don’t listen. I happen to like it, because it feels so close and intimate to me. But I’m an ASMR junkie, so things like mouth noises and raw imperfections make me buzzy and happy. They annoy other people, and I understand that, so consider this fair warning! 🙂

The trance itself is freeform, and contains no explicit sexual content. It’s pure submission, surrender, addiction to trance – the sexy core of this erotic D/s hypno world, in my opinion.

Download and back it up! I make no promises about how long this one will be around…


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