Sissy Bot Custom Files

Are you desperately in need of some targeted and tailored sissy training? Do you ache to be perfectly programmed even more penetratingly, more personally, more permanently?

Of course you do, my little sissy bot! Tell your Programmer what you need and she will create a from-scratch five-minute custom file just for you. When your request is received, The Programmer will contact you with, among other things, your payment options. Once payment is complete, you will be lying down, obeying your new, custom programming within 72 hours! (Note: I am away from home off and on during the month of March, and cannot guarantee this timeline for all custom files.)

NOTE: Any payment sent without filling out this form and without my explicit acceptance of the file request will be treated as tribute.

Sissy Bot custom files are currently unavailable.

The Programmer will decline custom requests for unsuitable file content. This includes illegal, morally objectionable, or non-sissy-related content. You may have to alter or scale back your request if The Programmer deems it is too much to fit into a five-minute file. The Programmer reserves the right to record general-release versions of any custom files she feels would be beneficial to other sissybots. The Programmer retains all distribution rights, whether for profit or not.

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Randomly Raw

So I got halfway through setting up my closet recording space in preparation for Lockdown 2017 to clear my customs backlog prior to Custom Sessions reopening on January 9th…

And I wanted to test the sound quality for a minute.

Instead I ended up rambling my way through a 26-minute entirely off-the-cuff trance. Unplanned, unscripted, unedited. I opened my mouth and it spilled out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I figured it would be a total waste just to trash it, and my hypnosis experiment of last week failed, so this will serve as a belated Christmas present.

There is no background music. There are plenty of noises from the people downstairs, mouth noises, swallowing, etc. It’s raw audio, so expect it to be, yanno, RAW. If that’s not your jam, don’t listen. I happen to like it, because it feels so close and intimate to me. But I’m an ASMR junkie, so things like mouth noises and raw imperfections make me buzzy and happy. They annoy other people, and I understand that, so consider this fair warning! 🙂

The trance itself is freeform, and contains no explicit sexual content. It’s pure submission, surrender, addiction to trance – the sexy core of this erotic D/s hypno world, in my opinion.

Download and back it up! I make no promises about how long this one will be around…


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