The Wrap-Up

I know this post is overdue. I’m moving in just over a week, and things are a little hectic. 😉

Here’s everything set to go!  (Bonus: scenic view of moving boxes in the corner.)


(For anyone thinking inflation has really taken a bite out of the purchasing power of over five grand, keep in mind the gift cards ring in at $2,260!)

The people at the organization were so incredibly grateful. The executive director even came by to say hi while we were checking everything off and filling out the donation receipts. A lot of Christmases are going to be significantly brighter because of this incredible thing we all did together. Charlotte and I are so proud to be part of such a caring and giving community. The outpouring of support we saw this year absolutely blew our minds. Thank you, so much, to everyone who joined in!

Even though I have to redact most of the information, I do like to provide pictures of the donation receipts so everyone knows that gifts got donated on time… There are two this year because I donated one chunk of stuff directly on someone’s behalf.

(Those of you with sharp eyes will notice that the amount on the receipts doesn’t quite match the $5,240 figure. That chunk was lost to PayPal donation fees and shipping costs which I obviously couldn’t include as part of the value of the donation!)



Holiday Drive: THE FINAL DAY


How would you like to win six months of free erotic hypnosis? Or how about never paying for a single file from Ember or Charlotte for an entire year?  Well, since we raised over $5,000, on Sunday evening, Spiral Seductions will raffle off five prizes:

  • 2 Premium Files
  • 4 Premium Files
  • 3 months of Premium File access
  • 6 months of Premium File access
  • 12 months of Premium File access

Want in? Of course you do! All it takes is donating $5 to a very good cause. One entry per person, no matter how much you donate. So everyone has an equal chance to spend a year mind-fucked into sexy oblivion, without spending a dime. 🙂 Just be sure to get your donation in by 11:59pm Saturday evening, December 6th, 2014.

Here are two very easy ways to donate:

Head over to our non-kinky sister site, Somewhere Downtown and make a donation via PayPal. (PayPal will provide the email address associated with the account so as soon as you donate, you’re entered! If you want a different email used as your contact info, please email Ember at emberandether[at]gmail(dot)com.)

Send an Amazon e-giftcard to Ember at emberandether[at]gmail(dot)com. Include your email address in the gift message, and you’ll get entered to win.

Five bucks can help make the holidays bright for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Five bucks can make sure their kids have presents to unwrap. And five bucks can get you five chances to score free hypnosis.

No matter what, everyone wins. 😉

P.S. – There is ONE exclusive dual-vocal loop still available. Details on how to get it here.

P.P.S. – The one thing I can’t buy on Amazon with all the Amazon e-giftcards we get for this drive is… yup, other giftcards. So that Starbucks card on the wishlist might not get bought without your help! It was bought!



(8.5 minute dual-vocal seamless brainwashing loop)

We know who you are. Deep down inside. We know what you are.

We know the searing, burning desires that make you such a perfectly submissive slut. And we want to make sure you never forget it. There is nothing sexier than a man who knows his sexual place, his sexual purpose. For you, that’s being at the beck and call of a dominant woman. Mind and body ready to perform and please. Because no matter what mask you must wear in your daily life, burning just below the surface is your true nature – that of a filthy little slut for Mistress.

(This loop is not Mistress specific! Anyone can listen, and it will naturally translate to the woman you serve. Headphones strongly recommended.)

We’re releasing 15 20 copies of this loop. It will never ever be available for general purchase or download. Both previous loops sold out in under 24 hours, so we’re adding a few extra to this final one so more people get a chance at this exclusive content. Please note, since they will not disappear at the end of this fundraiser, the gift files on offer this week (Howl and Liquid Lust) are not offered in combination with this donation.

Here’s how to get a copy:

  1. Go to the Amazon wishlist.
  2. Purchase one of the twenty $25 physical giftcards marked “BURNING DESIRES”
  3. Email a screenshot of your purchase to emberandether(at)gmail[dot]com.
  4. Get your slutty brainwashing fix! 🙂