Moving Pieces

Most of you know this, but for everyone who doesn’t – I’m moving! Yes, again. This time I signed a year-long lease so I should be staying put for at least that long.

For various frustrating reasons, I have to do half the move on the 1st and the other half a week later, living in limbo between. So it’s going to be a protracted period during which I will have limited communication. I expect you all to seek ways to make up for the fact that life is proving irritating for me!

For anyone looking to get me a housewarming gift, my wishlist has been stripped to just things I want for my new place. Once I get in for measurements later this week, I’m going to be adding more things and also buying rugs from Overstock – so Overstock giftcards there will make me ecstatic too! Just send them to emberandether [at] gmail {dot} com.

Personalization & Christmas


Last night, I delivered all the personalized versions of The Dressing Room. Early reviews are awesome! My favorite sentiment thus far might just be:

“I’m pretty speechless at the moment, so I’ll end by saying: FUCK that was FUCKING HOT, like REALLY REALLY FUCKING HOT and thank you so much. I hope every sissy gurl on the planet buys a copy (and every erotic hypnosis fan too!)”

If you missed out on a personalized version, never fear! The general-release version is available in the Sissy Bot Store, right here.

With this session, I’ve made up my mind about personalized sessions – they’re AWESOME! So upcoming free sessions will be offered for personalized pre-order instead of ransom.

I LOVE doing custom sessions, and the people I share that bond with know exactly why it’s so special. But, even though custom sessions are the absolute ideal for exploring specific fantasies and for personal training, realistically they are not in everyone’s budget. But if you ask me, that shouldn’t mean you never hear a hypnotist address you directly in a session! And I’ve long since wanted to find a better system than just holding files for ransom. I think this is it. 🙂

I’ll talk more about the specifics later, because right now I want to talk about…


I’m moving at the beginning of November, then as soon as I get settled in, I’ll be launching my 4th annual holiday charity drive! YAAAAAY! Here’s a little tidbit I think you might be interested in…

SPOILER ALERT: Before she retired, Charlotte and I were already planning files we wanted to do for this year’s drive. Even though she’s no longer offering any professional hypnosis, she’s still fucking awesome, so guess what? Charlotte is going to make good on her charity file plans!

Yup, you heard that right. You lucky boys and girls will get to own NEW Charlotte files, exclusively available for donation during the drive. And while I’m not making any promises, she MIGHT just be convinced to take part in a thank-you chat and trance after the drive. It’ll depend on how well you all do at meeting our Christmas expectations. You see, when Charlotte and I play Santa, we want you to be naughty and nice. Nice with donations, naughty with trance. Think you can rise the occasion, hmm? 😉

My Little Lullaby

I’m very excited to announce the arrival of My Little Lullaby!

This is a sweet little pet project of mine focusing on ABDL hypnosis. Since releasing Sleep Like a Baby, I’ve been doing quite a few custom ABDL hypnosis sessions. It quickly became clear to me there was a big world of little things to explore, and I didn’t quite have the room to do it here on Spiral Seductions.

So I dreamed up a small ABDL corner of the internet called My Little Lullaby. It’s in its infancy, of course, but you will be able to find a handful of general release files there (with more to come, if you can be a bit patient!) and the opportunity to request exclusive, non-erotic ABDL files. (Erotic or fetish ABDL will need to continue to be requested right here, at Spiral Seductions.)

I love creating fetish hypnosis – not that that’s a secret, of course. 😉 But in addition to fetish ABDL, I see such interest in ABDL hypnosis that doesn’t include any sex or fetish content. I really wanted there to be a place to go to enjoy your little self, with nothing from the adult world sneaking in.

If I know one thing about my little ones, it’s that their journeys are unique. Every tiny detail about you matters – your name, your little age, your training progress with things like diapers and bottles and toys, your fears and your dreams… That’s why I am putting very special focus on creating custom experiences for you over there. Getting to know everything that makes you tick, and bringing your little world to life in files made for you and you alone.

If you are interested in age regression or anything to do with ABDL, come over to My Little Lullaby and look around for a while. I’ll be waiting for you!

Sissy fantasy available for PERSONALIZED PRE-ORDER

I’m working on a steamy custom sissy-fantasy session right now. It happens to be non-exclusive, so I will release a generic version toward the end of the month. It will be part of the Sissy Bot world, and thus will only be available for purchase.

Here’s the really fun bit – I’m offering this file for personalized PRE-ORDER. For $75, you can pre-order a personalized copy of this incredibly hot 45-minute fantasy. Your will be addressed by name in the file at least ten times. (Still scripting, so I can’t be exact.)

I can only take pre-orders through October 18th* because the file cannot be personalized after I record it. All recording for this file, including your personalized lines, will happen in a single session to maintain flawlessly matched audio quality.

Read the description and imagine how hot it would be to hear your name on my lips, to hear me speak directly and unmistakably to you. Those of you who have heard your own name spoken in a custom hypnosis file know how powerful it can be. Those of you who haven’t had that pleasure yet, this is an incredibly affordable way to pop your cherry!

The Dressing Room


Length: ~45 min
Personalized Pre-Order Price: $75
General-Release Price: $29.99

I am your Mistress, and I have brought you to an upscale lingerie shop. You are all dressed up as my sissy gurl – short pink dress, a pink collar, white stockings, and shiny pink fuck-me heels. From your glossy, painted toenails to the luxurious hair cascading down your shoulders, you are every bit the sexy sissy slave I adore having by my side.

Inside the store, you behave as my perfectly programmed little slut-puppet. Trying on lingerie as I bring it to you in the dressing room, stepping outside to model it for me – and anyone in the store who wants to sneak a peek, of course! Beneath the lingerie, you are wearing a butt plug and nipple clamps, like good sissy.

The combination of the sex toy inside you, the tight clamps squeezing your sensitive nipples, and being publicly displayed as a horny little girl has you distracted and dripping.

Because I’m a kind Mistress, I follow you into the dressing room, order you to the ground, and let you fuck yourself with your toy, like I know you’re desperate to do. The gentle conversation of the store patrons in the background becomes audible now and again as curious customers get closer to the dressing room and remark on what they hear.

And they hear plenty… Because, sissy bot, you must obey your programming, so you moan like a whore the whole time, leaving no question in everyone’s mind as to exactly what’s going on in the dressing room. But just so everyone is completely clear, I will make you end our little shopping trip by going to the store attendant to explain (and show!) that you made a sticky, wet mess of some panties you were trying on, and that you need to pay for them with your slave allowance.

But don’t worry, sweetie… I’m a kind Mistress, remember? So I’m going to buy you other panties as gifts too. You lucky little slut!

NOTE: This is a FANTASY-ONLY file! It exists inside my mind and yours – where there is blissfully no such thing as breaking the law, nor accidentally involving a real person who is non-consenting in our sexy public games. This file will NOT make you to participate in public play in real life.

*I retain the right to end this offer sooner than the 18th if I receive too many pre-orders. So don’t wait until the last minute!

To reserve your personalized copy now, just enter your sissy name and email address below. I will contact you with payment instructions.

Thinking Ahead

Hello, boys and girls! Welcome back to my blog. 🙂

If you participated in last year’s charity drive and received Limited Edition loops (Burning Desires, The Mistress Mantra, or Endless Stroking), I have a question for you!

Those files were offered to you with the promise that only a specific number of them would be distributed. And that’s exactly what happened.

But as I’m starting to prepare for this year’s drive, I was wondering if you could begin your generosity a little early, and give me the okay to offer these files to everyone this year (still solely for charity, of course). Instead of you being the only 15/20 people with a file forever… You’d be the only 15/20 with the file for the first year it was available.

If anyone who got one of these files feels this wouldn’t be right, I will completely understand. I told you I’d only give away a certain number of copies, and if that was an important factor for you when deciding to donate, I will absolutely stick to it. I just thought it might be nice for these files to keep working for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, rather than have been one-shot deals.

But if you would prefer I keep to the original deal, email me (from the email address you would have used during the drive, so I can verify your donation) and let me know. Don’t worry if this is how you feel – there’s nothing wrong with asking me to keep a commitment I made. I am truly happy to honor it if even a single person who owns one of these loops emails.

If I don’t hear from anyone by October 16th (two weeks from now) I will move ahead with plans for this year’s drive which include those files.