An Early Birthday Present

I’m not at home, so I don’t have the right icon or anything, and I’m only like 97% this is the right file to download… 😛

But I thought I’d kick off my birthday celebration a little early by releasing HFOrgy!

Want to return the favor and send me a present for my birthday (it’s March 1st)? YAY! Click here and spoil me – I LOVE birthday presents! 🙂



Length: ~42 min
Download .zip file

Using a series of carefully positioned triggers layered beneath a truly orgasmic story, I will fill your weak, empty little mind with the most erotic imagery, the most intense fantasies! As you sink deeper and deeper into the fog of your own arousal, your imagination is lost to a dream of a throbbing baseline, the rustle and squeak of leather and lace, and the taste of slick bare skin as my lovely girlfriends and I take you into the back room of an exclusive fetish club.

What will we do to you there? How many ways can we find to fuck you, play with each other until we are consumed with lust, and use your body for our own entertainment? I could answer these questions for you my pet, but it will be so much more fun to let you find out for yourself… 😉

This intricately designed, multi-track, super-hot session is nice and long so I can dedicate a lot of time to ensnaring your mind and manipulating your body. And the goal, of course, is to bring you to orgasm. A deep, satisfying, slutty orgasm, with no touching on your part pet, because toys don’t touch, they are simply used. And you will be used, for my pleasure.

Happy trancing to you – and remember, practice makes perfect. (I promise I won’t tell if you cheat, either.)

The Personal Touch

The other day, I sent off emails containing personalized versions of HFOrgy.

I love dreaming up sessions, I love twisting words and phrases into snares for the mind, I even love the meticulous focus it takes to properly edit a session.

But the real rush comes from knowing the session accomplished exactly what I intended.

Never is that more true (or more gratifying) than when my awesome boys are responding to the pure intimacy of a personalized session. I wanted to share a few of the reactions I’ve gotten to HFOrgy since I sent it off.

“Fucking Awesome. That is all.”

“I’m still kinda mindless at the moment, but the level of intimacy you put out there in this session was just such a pleasure to experience.”

“OMG Ember. That was the most intimate, seductive, intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced! I had to have chocolate afterwards – which is way out of the ordinary for me. I can’t help thinking – how in the world can you give that away for free, even without the personalization?!? It’s such a masterpiece, and so intimate, and “nice”, yet completely controlling at the same time. You’ve outdone yourself. WOW!!!”


I’m so incredibly pleased with how this session worked out. I’m sure plenty of you can’t wait to hear the generic version… But you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. I’ll be putting it out for free download later this month.


My next personalized session will be a little ways off… But if getting a personalized session is an itch you are dying to scratch, let me recommend picking up a personalized copy of Hot for Teacher by the incomparable Charlotte Gray.

You’re going to want to hurry, though. I know spaces are filling up quick and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Charlotte has to close requests early!