Release and Relaxation


The Free Files section has some new additions. *smirk*

Not that you need the prodding, but when you finish reading this post, I think you should head over there and read about the deviously sexy plans I have for when you’re deep down in trance for me. 😉

Since I know you’re itching to click, I’ll make the rest of this short. On Monday, I’m heading off for a two-week vacation. I have had an incredibly hectic time lately, plus I’ve been trying to get those files ready (and prepping a Sissy Bot file and a My Little Lullaby file for when I get back, woo!) and I’m SO happy to be taking a little time for pampering and relaxation! If you’re looking to make me smile when I come home, pamper me more, or say thanks for the files, I adore presents and there is so much I want off my wishlist!

(NOTE: If you have a custom files in the works, your timeline for receiving your file will be unaffected!)