Wishlist Updates

There is no reason for this to be an audio post. I’m making it one anyway. 😀

Hey there boys and girls and everyone in between…

I got a couple questions about thanking me with gifts, so I wanted to do a quick chat about gift-giving. I could do a much longer chat about how much I love gift-getting, but I’m planning on this being an audio blog and that much squealing and moaning might be NSFW. 😉 Just think of a kid on Christmas, and you’ve about got it.

Now I have three wishlists for you to choose from! (See how sweet I am? Giving you choices and everything! Lol.)

Brighten My World! This is my main wishlist, and it’s stayed the same. Stuff I would love to have in my hands, my home, my heart – anything that will make me happy and make my life brighter and better in some way. These are opportunities to make me smile (and, yes, fine, probably clap and jump up and down a bit if they’re *really* good presents, lol!)

Healthy = Happy! This wishlist is all about fitness! I’ve been getting really, really into physical fitness in 2016. I was always a gorgeously curvy woman, but recently decided I wanted to be stronger. I’ve been lifting weights and upping my cardio. I feel INCREDIBLE! I feel so sexy and powerful as my body changes. The only real downside is that I’ve slimmed out of most of my wardrobe and my workout clothes! AHHHH! Anyway, this wishlist is full of things I need and want to honor my commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I LOVE any gifts that help me work toward feeling even sexier and more powerful – and let’s be honest, how can you resist being someone who helps make me even sexier and more powerful???

Slave Shop Last and definitely least. It’s boring, and it’s supposed to be. I had a request from a slave recently, asking me to direct him to buy mundane necessities he could not derive kinky pleasure from. So I did and… I found it was actually a really fun power rush for me. There is something awesome knowing a sub or slave is dedicated to providing pure service to me. That he’s not buying me something he finds sexy, or that he will imagine me having my kid-at-Christmas reactions to (because I don’t when I get things like Tide or paper towels in the mail. I smile and get a little rush of. It’s simply me saying, “I need this. It’s laundry detergent, so I don’t care about it and it won’t bring me any joy to get, but I need it. So you should give it to me.” For anyone needing a pure service fix, they can get it from this list, and give me a fix for being selflessly served!