Customizable Sissy Bot Sessions

Oh shit.

Looks like NiteFlirt recently decided not to send me some email replies – I dunno exactly how many or for how long because I avoid that inbox like the plague.

(Completely terrible platform for emails – an unsearchable, folderless clusterfuck. Combine my inbox and sent mail, which I swear to God I try really hard to remember to delete sometimes, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000-75,000 emails… so it’s a giant LOLNOPE when it comes to looking through that nonsense manually.)

ANYWAY, this means I’ve missed a bunch of customizable session replies after purchase! I don’t know how long this has been going on, but a quick scan of my transactions makes me think over a week. I’m kind of amazed no one hit up my contact page here to email me about it until yesterday. Did y’all think I was just ignoring you?!? 🙁

If you purchased a Sissy Bot customizable session and never got a file, please email me directly at emberandether[at]gmail{dot}com. Include the following information so I can verify your purchase and create your session:

  • Your NF username
  • Date of purchase
  • Session name(s)
  • Relevant info asked for in the NF email you got upon purchase

Also, I’d love to give you a standard 5 or 7.5 min Sissy Bot session on the house. If there is one you want but don’t have, tell me its name and whether you want it in human or robotic voice and I’ll send a copy over to you asap. (If you already have everything you want, feel free to wait for a future file – I’ve got a few in the works for July!)

Since I’m not sure how many people there were, I can’t promise turnaround times. I’ve got to head to Orlando for a couple events this weekend, but after that I’ll create them in the order people send me emails, just as quickly as possible.

For now, I’m making the customizable sessions unavailable. I’ll sort out a fix for the future after the weekend.

Hurricane Heads-Up

Hey boys and girls!

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up… There is a storm headed my way.

Normally, during a storm, I would have a phone. I could tweet, see emails, etc. But my phone was killed in some torrential rain Friday night. It was on an AT&T Next plan though, and I didn’t get insurance because in my many years of owning an iPhone, nothing has ever happened. I suppose, ultimately, I would have paid MORE to insure all the iPhones I’ve ever had over the years in fits of paranoia than a single replacement will cost this time around, but still.. It sucks, because it’s going to cost about $900 to pay off the old one and buy a new one.

As you can imagine, I’m going to make an attempt to get it repaired first, because that’s such a stupid use of money. I’d rather buy way more fun things! I can think of so, so may things I would rather spend it on… Mmm, shopping…

Flowerbomb by VIktor & Rolf, for one, which I’ve been coveting.
Oh, and Elizabeth Arden’s prismatic lip gloss in Midnight Kiss.
Some Bobbi Brown eye cream
Hell, this Bobbi Brown eye palette with such a pretty pink!

(Can anyone tell I’ve been browsing stores lately? I was trying on this really cute military-style jacket at Macy’s or Dillard’s or somewhere the other day, and all I could think was how much better it would be with a sub boy in tow, treating me to a shopping spree… I might just have to do that one day.)

But not today, because today I have to prepare for a stupid effing STORM. AH.

Right. Back to that.

So… The tropical depression could move in as early as this afternoon, and may not clear until sometime on Tuesday. I don’t expect to be without power that whole time, but I’ll be prepping today, buying food and water to last a few days, more candles, putting up the hurricane guards on the massive arched doors (by which I mean overseeing while I have a strong guy do it, naturally) etc. The noise of the storm is going to make it impossible to record or edit even if I have power, so the custom sessions I have due over the next week may see a delay (you guys know who you are!)

I’m mostly just pissed I’m going to be stuck inside, unable to do any damn cardio (they are warning against “fatal lightning strikes”), no power (or even with power, but afraid to use my computer in case of power surges because I don’t fully trust surge protectors) and I won’t have my phone to play stupid games on to entertain myself. Stupid phone games are very important.

(BTW – I have a houseguest for a week again, because I can never get any time to myself, lol… And she’s got a phone. So I’m not stuck here with no way to make emergency calls!)