Lucky boys! I’m offering a recent custom session for personalization. 🙂

It’s called Sleazy A (because that delights me to NO end) and it’s pure sexy hypnofantasy awesomeness.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I don’t see a way to make this file strike the same tone without the listener’s name in it. So as of now, I have no plans to create a general-release version of this file. Things like “boy” and “pet” and “slut” and all that just don’t work. Unless I’m struck with inspiration before I record, this file will never appear in my public catalog.

[EDIT 7/23 – Yep, decision made. This will NEVER be a free file. Personalized copies are the only ones that will ever exist.]

You’re a professor with a well-hidden kinky-sub side. But one small slip, one momentary lapse in judgment, and that’s all it takes for a devious student (me!) to figure out your secret – and how to exploit it. With a late-night office visit (accompanied by one of her friends) she backs you into a corner. Or, well, your desk.

For her own enjoyment and entertainment, she’s going to use you and tease you and take full advantage of your slutty body. Not just tonight, but whenever she wants. Because you’re trapped, you’re hers now, and your career is on the line – what choice do you have? You’re going to be very obedient and – of course – you’re going to give her an A in your course. 😉 And just to be completely sure you never try to back out, her friend will be taking plenty of pictures of you as a tied-up, hard, horny whore. Blackmail has never been this hot!

Kinky Content: (This one is all hypnoFANTASY so nothing, including the blackmail, is actually happening to you or in your real life!) D/s, teacher-student, blackmail, light humiliation, teasing, bondage, blindfold, ball gag, anal play, strap-on anal sex, tease & denial, handjob, nipple clamps, very light CBT
  • ~45 min
  • $75
  • Multi-track (2nd track is the friend – talking, teasing, soft camera noises, etc.)
  • YOUR NAME used 10 times in the main vocal, probably more
  • Orders close by July 27th, or when I hit a max # – so likely BEFORE the 27th
  • File delivered on August 3rd
It means different things for different dommes. For me, it means at the time of recording a file I will use your name in 10+ lines of the script. There is no dubbing in (that just never sounds good). This ALSO means there is NO chance to get a personalized copy after I’ve done the recording!

Be aware that a personalized session is NOT a custom session. You have no input regarding content. If you’re looking for a session with custom content, click here!

If you want to order a copy, simply fill out the form below and I will respond with payment instructions. Double-check that your email is correct!


Please Note:

I’m giving estimates on the file length and number of times I’m going to say your name because, while the script is already written, it’s an hour-long custom which I will be trimming down to 45 minutes. So that’s why I can’t be precise on length or name-count.

I may opt, while trimming, to spare as much of the sexy content as possible in favor of trimming the induction. This may mean I utilize my instant-induction Drop Like a Rock trigger. If you find that trigger troublesome, I advise against ordering this file. If you have never trained with it, pick up a free copy of Drop Like a Rock by clicking the link above!

Oh, and this is not a dual-domme file! I voice both students, although with slight pitch change to make the “friend” sound distinct. 🙂

The View from the Floor

The post title is serving double duty today. 🙂

Let’s get the not-so-sexy part out of the way first.

I’ve made mention in passing on twitter to having some medical issues. Among other things, I’ve been experiencing (mostly orthostatic) hypotension. It happens to everyone now and again, and isn’t an issue at all. Mild, occasional orthostatic hypotension is just a head rush – low blood pressure resulting in dizziness, blurred vision, feeling a bit lightheaded – upon standing up.

Mine has become incredibly intense and has been occurring literally every time I stand up. I recently rag-dolled my ass onto the ground after I stood up and proceeded to lose consciousness entirely. Fainting is the point when this sorta thing becomes a real issue. (Side Note: “Fainting” sounds very swoony and romantic, doesn’t it? It’s super not. But it still sounds lovely.) My right elbow took the worst of my fall, which is making typing a little difficult because I can’t rest my arm on the desk for very long. Laaaaaame.

I’m incredibly irritated (I know this will come as a great shock to you all, but I HATE finding myself with no control over something!) and I don’t like to make a habit of working on things erotic-hypnosis-related when I’m pissy and frustrated. Not really the underlying tone I seek to achieve, gnome sayin’? So things are a little sluggish over here. Patience is the word of the day.

So anyway, MY “view from the floor” was lousy. I don’t belong there, lol.

You, however? Well…

I know not all men are born to kneel.

I know submission is not for every guy.

But I think we can all agree on one thing:

If you were on your knees before me, and I bent down to whisper in your ear, the view from the floor would be tough to beat.

The View from the Floor

Be good, or be good at it. 😉 I’m about to go be downright excellent at sleeping.