Christmas Charity Drive 2016!

Hey y’all, Charlotte here. I’ve briefly hijacked Ember’s blog to let you all know that we’ve begun the countdown to the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, that’s right, it’s almost time for the annual Christmas Charity Drive!

As many of you know, Ember and I do this every year, lending our support and your generosity to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse through a wonderful local charity who do so much good in the community. This year is no exception, however we will be running the drive over a shorter time-span this year, due to some real-life circumstances that just can’t be helped. So be sure to remember this, and get your donations, gifts and files as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Now, let’s get specific.

This year’s drive will take place between 03/12/2016 and 09/12/2016. That’s just a week, gentlemen. So let’s dig deep and make it really count! [Ember Edit: For those, like myself, who live in the US, are sleep-deprived, and had to stare at those dates for a full 15 seconds before they made sense, that’s Dec 3rdDec 9th, 2016.] {Charlotte Edit: Whoops, sorry about that unintentional Briticism there! I try, but sometimes they just slip out.}

This year we have chosen to sponsor a specific family, rather than collect general donations. Your donations and gifts will be providing a family of four (Mother and three young daughters aged 4, 6 and 9) with all the love and joy that Christmas should bring. We think this is a beautiful way to honor women in our names, and we hope that you agree. 🙂

On Saturday December 3rd, our LIMITED EDITION store will open up once again, with TWO brand new files for your enjoyment. Remaining open until midnight on Friday 9th. During this time you will also find links to our special cash donation page, and to the Amazon Wishlist Ember has prepared with gifts we’ve chosen for Mom and her girls. Remember to check back to this blog for info, links and special treats very soon!