This one’s going to blow you the fuck away.

I just wrapped a 30-minute custom (that was too hot and too awesome to actually keep to 30 minutes, and it clocked in closer to 45 min!) and lucky, lucky, LUCKY you – it’s going to be available for free download very soon.

But before that… I’m going to do a second recording of the file, because there’s no way I can miss the chance to push this experience to the absolute maximum by including your name in the trance.


It means different things for different dommes. For me, it means at the time of recording a file I will address you directly and use your name in 10+ lines of the script. There is no dubbing in (that just never sounds good). This ALSO means there is NO chance to get a personalized copy after I’ve done the recording!


A personalized session is NOT custom. You have no input regarding content.

This is, plain and simple, a long, slow, insanely hot blowjob session. On the surface, you may think you are simply experiencing ME giving you a long, lingering, intense blow job – an absolute dream come true.

But you will soon realize (I’ll make sure of it) that even when you get what you want, you are still completely at my mercy. Your surrender confirmed in every sweet lick and suck, your inability to deny me anything I’d ask of you echoed in every twitch of your rock-hard cock.

To be truly lost in this pleasure, you are forced to accept that you are mine. And nothing could feel any better… Except perhaps the end to this blisteringly hot experience. (As a warning – don’t listen while you’re in chastity!)

Before you make up your mind about getting a PERSONALIZED COPY, indulge in this 7+ minute sneak preview of the file! I sewed little clips from the session together from all different parts, so you can get a feeling for what’s in store, although you’ll have to wait to hear the full session for all the BEST parts. 😉

*Note: Obviously this is from the original custom recording, for the custom… So your version won’t be 100% identical, although I’m recording from the exact same script!

  • ~40-45 min
  • $75
  • YOUR NAME used a minimum of 10 times
  • Orders close by April 1st, or when I hit a max # of subjects
  • File delivered on April 7th

If you want to order a personalized copy, simply fill out the form below and I will respond with payment instructions. Double-check that your email is correct!

Use the optional comment area if your name is particularly hard to pronounce and let me know how to say it properly.