Beg For It

Beg For It – Begging Instruction Hypnosis


In this session, I will take you under and install a trigger deep in your subconscious that will bring you to your knees and enable you to beg to my satisfaction.

Because begging isn’t saying, “Oh please please please Mistress, I’ll do anything!” that’s just being whiny. I want you to be able to beg with intent. Beg with purpose. And beg with true desperation, like a condemned man begs for mercy, like a starving man begs for food. I want you to MEAN it, and I want you to FEEL it. I want you to Beg For It.

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I’m too tired to type. Soooo instead I chatted into a mic some thoughts about projecting your submissive nature to potential romantic partners without being creepy or seeming like a doormat.

Alternate title: How to be Attractive to Women LIKE Ember… Because I’m obviously not speaking for all Dommes or all women here. But if you’re on my blog, I’m assuming you are interested in what *I* (and women like me) find attractive.

I’m tired and I don’t edit these fuckers. So listen at your own risk. 😀

I tried to explain anything of relevance, mostly basic medical knowledge, that clarifies my story here. To some of you, it will seem like I over-explained a few things. I get that, but as a counterpoint I will offer that some of the dumbest humans on earth visit my site and ask me questions that make me wonder how they fucking feed and clothe themselves.

(I also sort of feel like I can’t possibly have any deaf fans so there isn’t a transcription. If I’m wrong, drop a comment and I’ll have one of my boys transcribe the audioblog.)

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