Diaper Daze

Length: 32 min
Price: $30 donation

(Released during the 2018 Charity Drive)

You know that hazy, warm, buzzy HAPPY feeling you get when you’re in just the right headspace and you slip on a fresh new diaper? You know that warm tingle in your tummy when you really get in the groove when you’re wearing and you feel like your want to laugh and squeal and do a little dance?

Yeah, THAT’S the feeling I want you to hold on to, little one! I want you to let that feeling take root and grow, making you totally enraptured with the way you feel when you wear your diapers. I’ll help settle into your mind how right, how easy, how natural and good it is to let yourself celebrate wearing your diaper. That fleeting feeling will take root, grow big and strong, and be with you always. And the best part is that it has no limits! No matter how long you wear or how often, your blissful Diaper Daze will only strengthen.

NOTE: This file does not address *using* your diaper, it only focuses on wearing. It also will not evoke negative feelings about being *without* a diaper. Therefore, you can enjoy this file whether you wear 24/7 or not, and whether you wet/mess or simply wear.

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