4th Annual Charity Drive

Hands down, this is the best time of year!

And YOU are the reason Charlotte and I love this time of year so much. This incredible community has come together for the past three years to help make the holidays bright for those in need. Best. Fetish. Community. Ever.

And now we’re asking you to do it again. For the next 18 days (through December 6th), we are collecting donations for charity.

There are parents – mostly mothers – who spend the holidays fleeing abusive environments to end up in shelters or safe-houses. They often have to leave their belongings behind to escape with their children. So each year, Charlotte and I like to find a way to help these brave women and children, by donating to organizations dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

Donations to this drive will used to purchase physical gifts for children (and maybe a few for mothers as well, since it makes the kids feel great to be able to give their moms something too!) as well as gift cards so that moms can shop for the specific wants and needs of their own children.

If you’re curious, here was the wrap-up post from last year, when you guys helped us raise over $5,000!

Fundraising Goal
This year’s goal is to raise $3,500. Let’s do it!

$7,530 - FINAL TOTAL

Original Goal: $3,500 MET!!!
Stretch Goal: $5,500MET!!!
Crazy Stretch Goal: $6,500


How to Donate

Limited Edition Files
You may have noticed the Limited Edition page during your travels on Spiral Seductions. That’s where we keep a small group of hypnotic delights which will never be made available for free download, and will never be sold for profit. They are only available these few short days during our charity drive, so you get ’em quick!

This year, at least four new hypnotic treats will be added to the Limited Edition page. Two during the first half of the drive and (at least) two during the second half. All files from past drives will be available as well.

Last – but so VERY not least – all the prizes you can win by donating! These prizes will only be awarded if the goal of $3,500 is met.

A thank-you chat and trance will be scheduled in our chat room after the holidays. Charlotte and I will both be there, on voice, to spend an evening with you!
Value: Priceless 😉
Number of Winners: Up to 97, on a first-come, first-serve basis
Who Is Entered: All are welcome, whether you donated or not

Going forward, I will be offering virtually all of my general release files for pre-order personalization. (A 45-min HFO is coming in early January!) Win this and you can have a personalized file for free!
Value: $75
Number of Winners: 3
Who Is Entered: One entry per person (with a minimum donation of $5)

Winning this entitles you to a free custom loop by Ember. It will be an 8-10 minute, seamlessly loopable, single-track, non-exclusive loop with optional binaural track.
Value: $125
Number of Winners: 1
Who Is Entered: One entry per $25 donation

Winning this entitles you to a free custom session by Ember. It will be a 30-minute, single-track, non-exclusive session with optional music and binaural track.
Value: $360
Number of Winners: 1
Who Is Entered: One entry per $50 donation

Prizes will be drawn using random.org. I will draw the highest-value prize first. Anyone who wins a prize will become ineligible to win any remaining lesser prizes.


If we hit our stretch goal of $5,500 before the end of the drive, a separate drawing will be held… Everyone will be eligible, regardless of whether they won any of my prizes above!

The winner will receive a fully-custom mp3 from Charlotte Gray herself. This will be either a 30-minute single-vocal, or 20-minute layered-vocal hypnosis session.

If you have previously opted out of prize eligibility but would like to be considered for this one, that’s no trouble at all. Just shoot me an email at emberandether(at)gmail{dot}com and I’ll get your entered to win. But remember, this prize will not be drawn if we don’t meet the stretch goal!

3 thoughts on “4th Annual Charity Drive

  1. I was on tour really dont care about the limited files love what your doing I have enjoyed yours and Charlotte Gray files. So I would like to donate please send me a the link to do so. I love giving back to help mothers that were in abused relationships. I was raised by my mother and we had to do the same…. I am pretty well off….
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

    • Hey there! You’re in luck – I’m actually taking over a straggler toy or two (a few things shipped late) tomorrow, so if you’d like to donate you still can and I’ll use it to pick up something they’re short on (I believe they’re low on giftcards still, but I’ll check with my contact at the organization in the morning). 🙂 The donate link at this page will work (http://somewheredowntown.com/donate/) and as long as the name “Kent” appears, I’ll know it’s a holiday donation rather than one to support the site. Thank you for thinking of our event!!!

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