Charity Drive – OMFG Edition

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As of posting this blog, we have $5,800 donated!!! So we’ve set a crazy-ass secondary stretch goal for the final three days of this drive – $6,500. Get us there and I will up the number of Personalization Passes given out from 3 to 5, and I will double your chances of winning a custom session (by Ember) by increasing the number of winners from 1 to 2. (Read about prizes here.)

Winners might have to wait a while those customs though. I have a feeling if you get us to $6,500, I will shriek and squeal so much I’ll hurt my voice. 😀

To celebrate and make giving even more fun, I’ve opened up another way to give. In addition to the ways described here, you can now buy gifts directly off this wishlist. (I have a PO box now, so sometimes things are a little tricky with that which is why I didn’t have a wishlist as a primary donation method this year, but feel free to send GCs for specific items if they won’t ship to me!)

According to the organization, here’s what’s needed most for the older kids:

Clothing, books, purses/wallets, cologne/perfume, headphone sets, skateboards, board games/puzzles/card games, makeup organizers, hair accessories and styling tools, shoes, journals, sporting goods, ipods/mp3 players, sports merchandise, art supplies, e-readers, jewelry, backpacks, scented lotions, makeup, bikes, and gift cards.

Preteens and teens are the groups that receive the fewest donations when it comes to ANY holiday gift drive. People love to buy and donate presents for little kids, but it’s often the older kids (who are sometimes struggling more with circumstances) who get overlooked.

The place I am donating has mentioned to me that not only are these groups the most overlooked, but they happen to have more teens in their shelter than usual this year.
So you’ll see a lot of gifts for that age range on the list!

All purchases off the wishlist are eligible for thank-you files and will, of course, count toward the donation goal! Just send me confirmation of your order to me at emberandether(at)gmail[dot]com, and let me know which file(s) you would like to claim.

(NOTE: I will be leaving tomorrow morning and won’t be returning home until Saturday. Updates and thank-you files may be a bit delayed, but don’t worry!)

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