[UPDATE] In under 20 hours, ALL fifteen giftcards were bought! This offer is officially over. A huge thank-you to everyone who took part! 🙂 

During this holiday drive, I will give away fifteen copies (and only fifteen copies) of a new, exclusive brainwashing loop that will never be available for purchase. Seriously, never.

If you want one of them, read on and hurry up!


If you buy one of the fifteen physical, $25 Amazon giftcards (the first item on this list), you’ll get entered to win a free custom loop and get your choice of gift file (details in this post) AND you’ll get a copy of The Mistress Mantra.

It’s a 9-minute seamless brainwashing loop (by Ember) that will increase obedience to your Mistress (no matter who that is). Mistress is always right, and the moment of obedience is pure pleasure. Resistance isn’t only futile, but attempting it will only make you antsy to comply!

While this loop might make a comeback in a future holiday drive, it will NEVER be available for general purchase or download.

And when all fifteen of those giftcards are bought? That’s it for this year!

(Remember, Amazon won’t alert me when things are purchased off the wishlist! You’ll have to shoot me an email at emberandether(at)gmail[dot]com to claim your loop!)


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