Hypnosis, Limits, and Bliss

[Note: Occasionally I’ll re-post blogs that appeared on Ember&Ether. This is one of those times. This one comes today by way of a special request to re-post it. This blog touched a lot of people when it was originally posted. If you’ve already read it, it’s worth revisiting. If you haven’t, dive in!]

I got this comment in reference to my watersports (specifically piss drinking) file, Swallow.

“If You have taken over Your subs mind and totally mind fucked him wouldn’t it be possible to make him believe that this is what he really wants and this is the ultimate act of submission which brings him to the highest state of arousal? You could make him love this act, to beg for it, make this act necessary to achieve orgasm. Totally dependent on You. Totally addicted to You. Absolute mindless submission. The combination of Your sweet young voice and your brutal honesty is priceless.”

I love this comment.

So, is it possible to warp a man’s mind to the point where he begs for use as a human toilet, feels it is the ultimate act of his submission bar none, and can’t achieve orgasm without being pissed on or in, like a good little service slut?


Of course it is!

Let me back up, though. Because one beautiful thing about submission and hypnosis is you can’t hypnotize someone into doing/liking something he truly doesn’t want to. You can’t hypnotize someone into punching a child, stopping breathing, jumping off a bridge, or shooting his best friend, can you? Thankfully, of course you can’t. If hypnosis worked like that, if it were magic, the world would be a very different and very scary place.

But if that’s the case, then how can I say that I can warp a mind so completely?

Because hypnosis grows and alters associations between things already present in the mind. It adds light and shadow to illuminate or mask existing structures. It shifts the moving pieces, digs up old secrets, and buries its own treasure.

The more skilled the hypnotist, the more dramatic the effects. But the raw materials were always present. Nothing was conjured out of thin air.

It’s important to note that even though you can’t make someone do something he or she TRULY doesn’t want to do… Hypnotists can do damage. Because when I say the raw materials are always present, I’m saying hypnotists are like artists. But the corollary is not that subjects are blank canvases. It’s that they are palettes of paint. If you don’t come to me with white in your palette, I can never make it. But if you come with blue and yellow, I can make shades of green. If you tell me you don’t want green in the artwork I create inside your mind, I won’t make or use it. Not because I can’t, but because I choose to respect your limits.

Over time, as trust is established, you may decide to retract that. You may say, “Mix whatever you want, Mistress, I am yours to play with,” because the thrill of giving me total access to your palette will make your cock hard, mind melt, and heart race like nothing else in your life. But I still won’t be able to paint with pure white. It’s not there and I can’t make it.

All of that is a fancy way of saying if something is truly completely unacceptable to you, you cannot be made to do it. No matter who the hypnotist is, she cannot make you do it. Period. But a skilled hypnotist can pervert things already inside your mind to the point where you no longer recognize them as part of yourself, especially if she doesn’t respect your limits. So be mindful of who you let inside.

But don’t be fearful! Feel free to try new things. Because no single file, listened to one time, is going to radically alter the landscape of your subconscious. If you’ve given in to a Mistress, you trust her, and she presents something new, it can feel like your mentality was altered profoundly and rapidly. But your own safeguards were still in place, I promise. You just didn’t happen to have any moral or personal objection to the subject matter and because of your rapport with the hypnotist, your mind fast-tracked the new idea.

When you try something new, you will be able to make a decision, as the primary guardian of your own mentality and well-being, if it’s something or someone you want to listen to again. If you do a little exploring, you might be surprised what subjects touch you, move you, and take you deeper into blissful, complete submission to your Mistress.

You might also be surprised to learn what dark, sexy, taboo desires are already lurking inside your filthy little mind, waiting for me to cast a little light on them… *grins*


7 thoughts on “Hypnosis, Limits, and Bliss

  1. I honestly loved Your Swallow session and wish Yourself and Your sister spell binders would produce more tabu sessions.

  2. Thank you for re-posting this blog post. Learning about fetishes that are new to me and being able to experience them mentally is one of my favorite aspects of your art.

    BTW, I’m in need of listening to Swallow again soon 🙂

  3. I love this post. And digging out hidden treasures in my kinky mind and bring them to live is sometimes even more fun than acting them out again and again. The process of breaking down barriers can be so liberating and sexy – a little bitter salty taste is always worth that price. My mouth and ears are open.

  4. I wonder though, could it not be possible to create pleasure association to breaking limits or taboos? Or would you say that there’d still be hard limits, and we’re still only giving in to what we’d already want, given no inhibitions? I’ve seen your sentiment repeated often among dommes, but every once in a while someone will claim the opposite. Of course, that might just be “PR”, playing up the fantasy of the complete power, but I distinctly remember one in particular that claimed that you could indeed be twisted against your desires and limits. The idea of complete mindless surrender and abandonment of self does have a certain appeal… At least as a fantasy.

    Then again, it’d probably be hard to determine if it truly WAS against the moral core of your being, or just another set of repressed and forgotten desires/kinks. Whether it’s a change in personality, or just a… Re-shuffling.

    • I think because “being made to do something against my will!” is an extremely strong kink/fantasy in itself, you do run into a tricky little grey area for some people with some fetishes. Can he be made to do something ‘against his will’? Sure. Because he wants to do something against his will. And when you consider that classical conditioning (which is not, strictly speaking, hypnosis; it’s an artful exploitation of the psychology of human learning) can also be used, you run into another world of possibilities.

      But I think those fall into the realm of perverting things that already exist to the point where you don’t really recognize them as your own. I see that as different because I maintain that if I can’t hypnotize you into something like murdering your own child (which I firmly believe I cannot do) then there do exist complete no-go areas.

      • Yeah, that makes sense. Plus, there could be a discussion in whether wanting to do something against your will is really anything against your will at all. You’d still be a willing participant, right? Perhaps I should read up on this stuff instead of asking elementary school level philosophical questions in your comment string, but that might just ruin the mystical allure of the whole thing.

        But it’s always good to know we are in safe hands. Not that that’s news.

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