Moving Pieces

Most of you know this, but for everyone who doesn’t – I’m moving! Yes, again. This time I signed a year-long lease so I should be staying put for at least that long.

For various frustrating reasons, I have to do half the move on the 1st and the other half a week later, living in limbo between. So it’s going to be a protracted period during which I will have limited communication. I expect you all to seek ways to make up for the fact that life is proving irritating for me!

For anyone looking to get me a housewarming gift, my wishlist has been stripped to just things I want for my new place. Once I get in for measurements later this week, I’m going to be adding more things and also buying rugs from Overstock – so Overstock giftcards there will make me ecstatic too! Just send them to emberandether [at] gmail {dot} com.

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