Personalization & Christmas


Last night, I delivered all the personalized versions of The Dressing Room. Early reviews are awesome! My favorite sentiment thus far might just be:

“I’m pretty speechless at the moment, so I’ll end by saying: FUCK that was FUCKING HOT, like REALLY REALLY FUCKING HOT and thank you so much. I hope every sissy gurl on the planet buys a copy (and every erotic hypnosis fan too!)”

If you missed out on a personalized version, never fear! The general-release version is available in the Sissy Bot Store, right here.

With this session, I’ve made up my mind about personalized sessions – they’re AWESOME! So upcoming free sessions will be offered for personalized pre-order instead of ransom.

I LOVE doing custom sessions, and the people I share that bond with know exactly why it’s so special. But, even though custom sessions are the absolute ideal for exploring specific fantasies and for personal training, realistically they are not in everyone’s budget. But if you ask me, that shouldn’t mean you never hear a hypnotist address you directly in a session! And I’ve long since wanted to find a better system than just holding files for ransom. I think this is it. 🙂

I’ll talk more about the specifics later, because right now I want to talk about…


I’m moving at the beginning of November, then as soon as I get settled in, I’ll be launching my 4th annual holiday charity drive! YAAAAAY! Here’s a little tidbit I think you might be interested in…

SPOILER ALERT: Before she retired, Charlotte and I were already planning files we wanted to do for this year’s drive. Even though she’s no longer offering any professional hypnosis, she’s still fucking awesome, so guess what? Charlotte is going to make good on her charity file plans!

Yup, you heard that right. You lucky boys and girls will get to own NEW Charlotte files, exclusively available for donation during the drive. And while I’m not making any promises, she MIGHT just be convinced to take part in a thank-you chat and trance after the drive. It’ll depend on how well you all do at meeting our Christmas expectations. You see, when Charlotte and I play Santa, we want you to be naughty and nice. Nice with donations, naughty with trance. Think you can rise the occasion, hmm? 😉

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