Ether’s Echo

Ether’s Echo – D/s and Mental Surrender Hypnosis

Length: 25 min

Classic, sultry mind-and-free-will ensnaring hypnosis.

While all the adventures and training and wild fantasies are wonderful hypnotic experiences, sometimes I just need to get back to my roots. Ether’s Echo is a very ‘pure’ hypnotic journey with callbacks to over a dozen of my older files.

This file will take you so very deep for me, listening to the echoes in the ether, indulging in the hypnotic pleasure of surrendering your free will to a powerful woman, whether you want to or not. But we both know you want to, don’t you, pet? That’s right, see? I knew we were on the same page.

There’s just something inherently sexy about the mental surrender of your own autonomy as you listen to my sweet voice, the simple elegance of power exchange in trance.

Not to spoil all the fun, but leave yourself some free time after the file ends, you may find yourself needing to -ahem- relieve some tension, if you know what I mean. (Honestly, if you don’t know what I mean, you should probably just leave my page—you’re a lost cause.)

Note: This is a multi-layered track with right-and-left whispers and a custom binaural beat. As such, it is best enjoyed with headphones

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