• General Hypnosis Questions
  • Please explain in detail what hypnosis is and how it works.

    Thankfully, the internet has already done that for me! Just Google it.


    If you’re having difficulty, click here.

  • How do I know if I’m in trance?

    Almost everyone is capable of going into trance. It's a very natural state of relaxed concentration, nothing more or less. If you felt relaxed and found it easy to go along with whatever was said during the session, congratulations, you were in trance! The most obvious marker is whether you awoke with the count up at the end.

  • Is hypnosis magic/supernatural/evil?

    The most definitive proof that hypnosis is none of these things is the fact that I am still here, online, producing erotic hypnosis. Because you better believe if hypnosis were any of those things, I’d have long ago appointed myself eternal supreme leader of the most kinky and hedonistic corners of the underworld, not be sitting in front of my computer!

  • How often should I listen?

    There is no magic amount of time in trance that is right for everyone. Simply put, you are listening to too little hypnosis if you find yourself wishing you spent more of your free time trancing. And you are listening to too much hypnosis if it’s negatively impacting your life (for example, you decide to trance rather than show up to work!)

  • Is it more effective to listen to long playlists once or twice a week, or short sessions every day?

    Neither method of listening is ineffective. But that’s not to say one method won't be more effective for you. However, while I am many things, I'm not a mind reader. So you’ll have to experiment to figure out best way for you to experience trance. I can't tell you that.

  • I heard that hypnosis can cause physical changes to the body, can you turn into a literal woman?

    Hypnosis cannot affect your genotypic or phenotypic sex. In other words, your chromosomes and your body’s physical appearance will remain unchanged. Your gender, however, is a construct of your own mind. A perception of how you, as a human, identify. (It doesn’t have to be a binary choice either!) Hypnosis can have an effect on that - on your experience and perception of your own gender - if that’s the path you already want to walk.

  • Tribute & Payment
  • Why is so much of your stuff free?

    I firmly believe everyone should be able to indulge their kink for FREE.


    So this is just the best system for me. My goal is to produce high-quality erotic hypnosis that anyone can enjoy. The reality is the only way I can afford to devote myself to full-time production of hypnotic porny goodness is if I am making an income. So that’s why I also sell premium content like Sissy Bot and offer my personal dominant attention in the form of live chats and custom trances (currently closed)And that's why tribute is so important to my business model.


    And here’s another good part – it’s a self-regulating system. If you like what I'm doing, you will choose to make regular tribute, buy premium content, etc. You will support me with tribute and by seeking my paid, one-on-one attention. If you no longer feel my work or business model has value? You won’t. And then I’ll close up shop.

  • Do you accept artwork/giftcards/presents/poems/etc. as payment?

    While I appreciate your presents and giftcards and I am often pleased that you have created art in my honor, I absolutely cannot accept anything other than actual money as payment for goods and services.


    Gift cards can’t pay my taxes, artwork can’t go into my retirement account, and poems don’t cover my health insurance.

  • Can I pay by [alternate payment method]?

    Most likely not. I occasionally make exceptions for long-term clients. But if you’re going to be a long-term client, you’re going to have to be able to use NiteFlirt to begin with. So, realistically, no.

  • I can't afford to pay you, is there some other way I can 'serve'?

    If you cannot afford to pay, I offer over 50 free full-length files, and dozens of Mixnosis files as well. However, I am a pro-Domme and my personal one-on-one dominant attention via emails/orders, live trances, slave training, etc. must be paid for – no exceptions.


    If you desire private domination entirely for free, you are seeking a dominant girlfriend, not a professional Domme.

  • Can I have a discount? It's my birthday!

    Happy birthday to you! Unfortunately, my premium content and custom work isn’t less valuable because it’s your birthday. But by all means, treat yourself to one of my free files!

  • I don't like this file, can I have a refund?

    I'm sorry you were not satisfied with your purchase, but I'm not able to issue refunds for files for any reason. In the future, I recommend you listen to enough of my free files that you are familiar with my style and methods (there are plenty), and that you ensure you listen to the sample and read the descriptions offered before buying anything.

  • I don't want to serve someone who isn't real. So are you a real Domme or do you just do it for the money?

    That's a false dichotomy.


    Domination is my full-time job and, like anyone else, in a very real way I do my job for the money. And, like anyone else, if I quit getting paid for my job, I’d quit showing up to work. Making money is necessary component of my presence in the hypnodomination world, period.


    However, that does not imply I don’t enjoy my work immensely. I do. Of course I do – I am a lifestyle Domme! I live and breathe power exchange.

  • Will you give me detailed daily tasks and extensive lists of files to listen to… for like $16.45 a week?

    I don't relish micromanaging, so the answer was going to be “no” one way or the other.


    But, for whatever reason, these requests always seem to come with extremely low values placed on our time and skill. Consider that a phone call to me is $2.59/minute. Now think how much of our pure, focused, personal dominant attention you’re asking for. You’re literally asking for more dominant orders than I issue to my significant other (again, I don’t like micromanaging, so I don’t schedule his day for him)! And you’re offering a deeply insulting amount of money for it.

  • Will you make me a video of ____________ for $50?

    I do not presently offer custom video services. If and when I ever do, they will cost significantly more than $50 - and I'm worth every penny.

  • Femdom Interactions
  • How often can I contact you? I don’t want to bother you, but I feel so compelled!

    I love hearing from my admirers! But I haven’t yet figured out how to stop time. So, in addition to reading and responding to your emails, my weekly work-time has to be divided between scripting general-release and custom sessions, taking live calls, creating graphics, blogging, site maintenance, web design, recording, editing, brainstorming, and much more.


    In short... My time is very valuable. Those who treat it as such will be those I spend it on.

  • If I submit to you, are you going to ruin my life/relationship/career?

    Broke, miserable, unemployed slaves tend not to be fun to play with, you know? I don’t make a habit of turning my shiny toys into trash. Your life/relationship/career is safe!

  • Oh my god, ___________ is happening to me, is this your doing?

    Unless I have specifically said that I am doing this thing in a file or live call, assume that I am not.

  • I listened to your free stuff, do you own me now? What are you going to do with me?

    I'm glad you enjoy my work! However, listening to my free work doesn’t mean we have a personal D/s relationship now.


    However, if that’s what you’d like, you’re in luck! I offer that personal connection, training, enslavement, and more through custom work.


    (If I personally dominated every one of the thousands of people who listened to my free files and wanted my private domination also for free, I would… Well, I’d be able to dominate you and give you orders on an individual level roughly once every decade or so.)

  • Can I have your address to send you a gift? I promise I’m a good guy!

    I have a PO box I am willing to share with long-time patrons. But, while I'm sure you’re a great person, as a matter of policy I don’t give out my physical address.


    You perform for me, not the other way around. End of discussion.

  • Have you ever fallen in love with your subs? Do you have romantic feelings for your subs?

    I certainly can become fond of my long-term subs. But I am not your friend, girlfriend, wife, or lover. I am a professional creating and selling sex and fantasy. I may engender feelings of love and addiction in you if that’s your kink, but I do not feel that way about my submissive patrons.

  • What about friendship? I feel like we’re friends.

    I'm not your friend.


    Don't get the wrong idea - it’s absolutely not a negative reflection of you as a person! I'm simply not interested in friendship since that's an egalitarian relationship. I'm exclusively interested in power exchange.

  • Can we meet in person? Do you do in-person sessions?

    I do not offer any in-person sessions/meetings/anything. Never have, never will.


    In this vein, your location is completely irrelevant. You could live 1 mile or 10,000 miles away from me and it makes no difference. Our interactions will be exactly the same - ONLINE ONLY. My in-person dominant attention is reserved for my significant other(s), no exceptions.

  • What should I call you? Mistress? Goddess?

    I require respect - not any particular title. So you are welcome to call me Ember.


    That said, if using a D/s title like "Mistress" or "Goddess" makes you feel more submissive, by all means use it! If you happen to call me anything that rubs me the wrong way, I will let you know immediately.

  • i should write to You like this when W/we communicate, right?



    Some Mistresses may enjoy that. If you are communicating with one who does you should absolutely speak in a way that is pleasing to her.


    But I am a lover of language and communication - flowing, intense, unhindered, raw. Human eyes and minds are trained from a young age to dance across well-crafted prose. When you disrespect the English language (my gorgeous, beloved tool for wielding my power over you), it makes communication stilted and obnoxious.


    Express your submission with sentiment, with thoughtful words and reverence for language. If you are incapable of expressing a deferential nature with grammatically correct English, there's simply no chance that abusing the capitalization rules for pronouns will make up for it.

  • Miscellaneous
  • What files should I listen to?

    Whatever interests you! Yes, it really is that simple. 🙂

  • Where should I start? What order should I listen to your files in?

    Start wherever you like. As long as you're enjoying the experience, you're listening in the right order.


    Anything specifically designed to be listened to in order (e.g. The Rites of Passage series) will be clearly marked. Other than those few exceptions, there is absolutely no necessary (or even remotely beneficial) order for listening.

  • Will you give me a list of files to 'train' me for ______?

    I get asked this question often enough that I am forced to ask one of my own...


    Do you think I sat down a long time ago, and hashed out a master plan for dozens and dozens of hypnotic files so that years' worth of sessions could be meticulously lined up in particular orders to serve as training?


    I assure you, I totally didn't do that! 🙂  My file creation is random - occurring in sync only with my mood and muse. There is no magic lineup for anything. Just listen and have fun!


    That said, if you're looking for personalized training, your best bet will be a custom session.

  • I have a wife/family/girlfriend/cat, can I still serve you?

    In order - yes, yes, yes and no. (Sorry, if you have a cat, everyone knows the cat is your real boss!)


    In all seriousness, of course you can. Many of my followers have partners and families. To think having a romantic partner in your life would be a problem would be to think I want to assume any of her roles or responsibilities within your relationship. I absolutely don't want to do that. My role as a kinky, professional Mistress doesn’t cross paths with the role of your significant other.

  • I bet you can't hypnotize me, I dare you to try!




  • Are you qualified to do this?

    According to a recent survey, conducted in your pants, I'm extremely qualified.


    Seriously though, a person can become qualified in hypnotherapy, but no qualification for hypnodomination exists.


    Furthermore, being a qualified hypnotherapist doesn’t have any bearing on whether you’d be a good hypnodomme. There are qualified hypnotherapists who are excellent hypnodommes, and there are qualified hypnotherapists who are extremely reserved and vanilla and wouldn't be able to make any femdom hypnosis to save their lives.

  • Are there any subjects you can't or won't touch?

    If it’s illegal in the US, it’s off-limits. (This includes things like bestiality, necrophilia, and pedophilia.) There are also a handful of other fetishes I won’t touch. I am not judging anyone for their kinks, but some fetishes are simply too far out of my personal realm of experience/enjoyment for me to explore them, and I’ll have to decline your request.

  • Can you make me do something I don't want to do?

    The short answer is no. But I encourage you to read this for a more detailed explanation.

  • Do you hate men?

    Of course not! I do many things to men that might, on the outside, appear to be harsh, cold, or even cruel. But domination stems from a place of delight, not disgust.

  • Do you respect hard limits?


  • Do you offer kink-friendly hypnotherapy?

    I want to be very clear that nothing I produce should ever be viewed as medical advice. And I absolutely do not provide therapy of any kind.

  • Do you want to work for my one-man company, filming hot FemDom Video wherein you dominate me? We'll split profit 50/50!

    Hard pass.

  • What do you think of findom?

    First and foremost, I believe it should NEVER be practiced without big, fat warning labels!

    That said, I have a deep findom fetish. I don’t openly practice it here very often since it’s a deeply personal fetish and relying on it as income would ruin it for me. So you'll almost never see traces of it here on Spiral Seductions. I hold several men in findom chains privately, and may expand to a personal, non-business findom site soon!

  • Is hypnotic amnesia real? I really want it, but it never works.

    Hypnotic amnesia is very real, but your understanding of how it works may not be quite right. Amnesia suggestions don't remove all traces of an event from your mind, they only direct you to consciously ignore those events. If you think about it, it's very difficult to forget something on command, because you must think about the thing you've been told to forget, in order to remember to forget it! A little bit like being instructed not to think of an alligator. You do, you can't help it for that split second.


    Hypnotic amnesia is more like awakening from a dream. You may know what the dream was about, you may even remember certain details. But then as time wears on, and you don't give any conscious attention to the events of your dream, those details slip away. Eventually you forget the dream completely, unless something specifically reminds you of it. In any case, it is unusual for any but the most experienced and deep trancers to experience this phenomenon. If this is something you particularly want to explore, I would suggest live sessions as being superior to mp3s for the cause. Contact me to inquire about my availability.

  • Can I offer you some business advice?

    No. The most helpful thing you can do is keep your ideas to yourself. You do not have a grasp on my business model, business goals, or (perhaps most importantly), my life goals and personal standards.


    By all means, start your own erotic hypno business if you’re so full of ideas.

  • How do I download from NF?

    I am not qualified or inclined to be tech support for NiteFlirt. If you click here, you will be taken to a NiteFlirt support page which should help you get things sorted out.

  • I lost all my premium files in a hard-drive crash, can you resend them?

    No I cannot. (Note that if you purchased a file through NiteFlirt, it is still in your NiteFlirt file manager, so you haven’t really lost it.)


    Other than that, I can tell you this - it’s 2017. Data backup is an obvious and absolute necessity. If you are choosing, in this day and age, not to back up your valuable data and files? On your own head be it.

  • Why don't you do files that are just like Mistress _______'s?

    Every hypnodomme has her own unique inspiration, skills, style, and preferences. It's disrespectful to me to ask me to change my style to suit you... And it's disrespectful to Mistress _________ to suggest someone else should copy her style or work. If you enjoy Mistress _________'s work, she should be the one benefiting from your patronage!

  • Do you write/produce/design your own files/websites?

    I am the sole web designer, graphics artist, script writer, and audio editor for everything at Spiral Seductions. If I ever find a script written by someone else that I feel is worthy of recording, it will be clearly marked as a collaboration.

  • Do you offer live trance?

    Mostly no. A little bit yes.

    I used to offer live trances to anyone who wanted to schedule an appointment. To be perfectly blunt, while I enjoy the hypnosis, I hated a lot of other things about it. If the trance was scheduled, I hated having to organize my daily activities around it. If I was on NF, I hated just sitting there idle, waiting on men to show up.

    Shocking as this may be to hear - organizing my day around a guy and/or waiting on him to show up if and when he pleases is simply not in my nature. 🙂

    So I decided to stop offering live trance and focus instead on custom mp3s. I find them infinitely more rewarding as the basis for hypnotic D/s. I can spend time finessing my script and getting every aspect just right... Talking to my patron and understanding exactly what makes him or her tick... Really diving into it. And my subject can listen over and over, become so much more deeply trained (or just indulge in their hypnotic fantasy many more times, depending on the content and goals of the session!) with repeated listening. All things that are impossible with live trance.

    Of course live trance has its perks, though. I tend to find it hollow and dissatisfying when I'm trancing random strangers but I do enjoy the act itself with a loyal pet. So on occasion, if someone expresses interest, I will ask someone if he would like to have a live trance. This is by invitation only, and is exclusively offered to long-term, repeat custom clients - no exceptions.

Recent Posts

Happy Thanksgiving…

Okay, fine, not really. But I needed your attention.

We will NOT be holding the annual charity event this year.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and debating this decision. I’ve spoken to friends in the scene. In the end, the choice was clear.

I don’t feel like I need to explain, because the rest of you are living through the same 2020 we are, but here are a few of the reasons:

1.) It’s not fair to ask sexworkers to do free labor right now.

This is the big one, for me. I’m not going to do, or ask my friends to do, free labor right now. I don’t know who has a partner out of work, who has kids/family stuck at her home that make it difficult to record, whose clients fell off the face of the earth and made dents in her income. So I’m just not going to ask anyone to do free labor, period.

2.) I don’t want fans/supporters to feel like they’re missing out.

I know people plan and budget for new charity files every year, and I recognize that it may not have been possible this year. I don’t want people to feel like they have to miss out because 2020 fucked their wallet harder than any findomme ever could.

3.) I’m a healthcare worker, and I’m tired.

I want to say right up front that I have it better than most. I work in an ICU, but I work for a hospital with deep pockets and plenty of PPE, and I take care of babies/children. But this year has been exhausting anyway. I’ve come home after a stretch of days and slept for 12-13 hours. I haven’t done that since I was a teenager! We’ve got an 18%+ positive rate among staff, and it’s scary and draining to have to leave your house and go work in a building filled with hundreds of people, come in close contact to people all day, and know that a procedure mask is all that’s between you and whoever the dumbass next to you partied with that weekend. This charity drive takes a LOT of energy and time, and I am desperately short on both right now.


If you can, make a donation to a local organization that helps kids at the holidays. I can’t give you anything in return, but feel free to tweet at me and let me know you did it. Honestly, seeing how generous and charitable our fans and followers are is a HUGE highlight of my year and I’m so sad to be missing out on that feeling this year!

Please consider sending a nice, fat Christmas tribute to the domme(s) of your choice. It’s been a ROUGH 2020, emotionally, for a lot of us. From the election to isolation to finances, a lot of Dommes got slammed. And often, they can’t show you any of the anxiety or fear or rage they felt because that’s not “sexy” and they’ve got to put on a show online. Getting a big chunk of cash will make far more of a difference than you know.

Oh, and wear a fucking mask. 🙂

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