Stroke Robot

Stroke Robot – JOI/Goddess Worship Hypnosis by Jenny DeMilo

Length: 34 minutes
Price: $30 donation

(Released during the 2018 Charity Drive)

Your training begins now with this instruction. This is a guided JOI masturbation session and I expect all my instructions to be followed to the letter.
You will become an edging maniac a real stroke robot with my detailed instructions. Addicted to your mistress misses of turning you into a pool of edging bliss.
You will find the more you listen and follow my commands the more addicted you become! Not just to the never ending stroking edging compulsions you feel in your mind and body but to your Mistress who is slowing and diligently turning you into her stroke robot. With every stroke of your cock you fall deeper into addiction and adoration to your mistress and your fetish. You are a hopelessly addicted stroke robot.
Includes: JOI, guided masturbation, jerk off instructions, edging, goddess worship, triggers, trance training, sub training, mental domination, female dominance.

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Ho Ho HO

As promised, the 2019 Charity Drive is HAPPENING. 🙂

First, to the LADIES: Any Dommes who want to contribute to the charity drive this year (whether with a full length file or a short loop, everything is appreciated!) I will need completed files by December 12, a square icon by the 10th would be ideal. DM me on Twitter @emberandether so I can profusely thank you.

All right, now, for everyone…

This year’s charity drive has taken a while to organize. This year, I came to the difficult conclusion that I could no longer donate to the organization we’ve been supporting for the past few years. Last year it cost me over $500 out of pocket to get everything up to them. It’s eight hours of driving and a huge hassle and it’s just a huge waste of money when there are kids in need right here in my area.

Finding a new charity was trickier than it might seem because I have pretty high standards when it comes to where I’ll donate your money. I want to make sure it gets directly to kiddos in dire need with no chance of it ending up in volunteer pockets or any other shady shit.

I have settled on an organization finally, and once again we are as always going to be helping kids who really really need some joy in their holidays this year.

I’m guessing donations are going to little lower-key this year because I’ve spent most of this year adjusting to a new job and not making sexy hypno. This is actually a good thing because I want to make sure I don’t overwhelm my charity with questions and need to ask them for too much guidance for what is most needed (it takes time to build these gift-giving charity relationships, as it turns out.)

In any case, let’s get giving! The charity drive will kick off on December 12, 2019 and will conclude the evening of December 18.

Start checking out the Limited Edition Store now. Everything in there will be available for donations as well as brand new files from some of your favorite Dommes!

More info to come at Thanksgiving (when I actually have 3 whole days off in a row, omfg.)

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