My Little Lullaby

I’m very excited to announce the arrival of My Little Lullaby!

This is a sweet little pet project of mine focusing on ABDL hypnosis. Since releasing Sleep Like a Baby, I’ve been doing quite a few custom ABDL hypnosis sessions. It quickly became clear to me there was a big world of little things to explore, and I didn’t quite have the room to do it here on Spiral Seductions.

So I dreamed up a small ABDL corner of the internet called My Little Lullaby. It’s in its infancy, of course, but you will be able to find a handful of general release files there (with more to come, if you can be a bit patient!) and the opportunity to request exclusive, non-erotic ABDL files. (Erotic or fetish ABDL will need to continue to be requested right here, at Spiral Seductions.)

I love creating fetish hypnosis – not that that’s a secret, of course. 😉 But in addition to fetish ABDL, I see such interest in ABDL hypnosis that doesn’t include any sex or fetish content. I really wanted there to be a place to go to enjoy your little self, with nothing from the adult world sneaking in.

If I know one thing about my little ones, it’s that their journeys are unique. Every tiny detail about you matters – your name, your little age, your training progress with things like diapers and bottles and toys, your fears and your dreams… That’s why I am putting very special focus on creating custom experiences for you over there. Getting to know everything that makes you tick, and bringing your little world to life in files made for you and you alone.

If you are interested in age regression or anything to do with ABDL, come over to My Little Lullaby and look around for a while. I’ll be waiting for you!