Thinking Ahead

Hello, boys and girls! Welcome back to my blog. 🙂

If you participated in last year’s charity drive and received Limited Edition loops (Burning Desires, The Mistress Mantra, or Endless Stroking), I have a question for you!

Those files were offered to you with the promise that only a specific number of them would be distributed. And that’s exactly what happened.

But as I’m starting to prepare for this year’s drive, I was wondering if you could begin your generosity a little early, and give me the okay to offer these files to everyone this year (still solely for charity, of course). Instead of you being the only 15/20 people with a file forever… You’d be the only 15/20 with the file for the first year it was available.

If anyone who got one of these files feels this wouldn’t be right, I will completely understand. I told you I’d only give away a certain number of copies, and if that was an important factor for you when deciding to donate, I will absolutely stick to it. I just thought it might be nice for these files to keep working for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, rather than have been one-shot deals.

But if you would prefer I keep to the original deal, email me (from the email address you would have used during the drive, so I can verify your donation) and let me know. Don’t worry if this is how you feel – there’s nothing wrong with asking me to keep a commitment I made. I am truly happy to honor it if even a single person who owns one of these loops emails.

If I don’t hear from anyone by October 16th (two weeks from now) I will move ahead with plans for this year’s drive which include those files.



(8.5 minute dual-vocal seamless brainwashing loop)

We know who you are. Deep down inside. We know what you are.

We know the searing, burning desires that make you such a perfectly submissive slut. And we want to make sure you never forget it. There is nothing sexier than a man who knows his sexual place, his sexual purpose. For you, that’s being at the beck and call of a dominant woman. Mind and body ready to perform and please. Because no matter what mask you must wear in your daily life, burning just below the surface is your true nature – that of a filthy little slut for Mistress.

(This loop is not Mistress specific! Anyone can listen, and it will naturally translate to the woman you serve. Headphones strongly recommended.)

We’re releasing 15 20 copies of this loop. It will never ever be available for general purchase or download. Both previous loops sold out in under 24 hours, so we’re adding a few extra to this final one so more people get a chance at this exclusive content. Please note, since they will not disappear at the end of this fundraiser, the gift files on offer this week (Howl and Liquid Lust) are not offered in combination with this donation.

Here’s how to get a copy:

  1. Go to the Amazon wishlist.
  2. Purchase one of the twenty $25 physical giftcards marked “BURNING DESIRES”
  3. Email a screenshot of your purchase to emberandether(at)gmail[dot]com.
  4. Get your slutty brainwashing fix! 🙂


UPDATE: Just a handful of hours in, and all of these loops are claimed. Wow! You guys rock! 😀

Welcome to Week Two of the Holiday Drive! This week, your super-special limited edition file is:

endless stroking iconThis eight minute seamless loop file (by Charlotte) is a tricky devil. On the one hand encouraging and explicitly directing you to masturbate, and on the other, challenging you to hold back for as long as you possibly can! How many loops will you manage? How many edges can you ride, without tumbling over into orgasmic bliss?!

If you buy one of the fifteen physical, $25 giftcards (the first three items on this list marked with “ENDLESS STROKING”), you’ll get entered to win a free custom loop and get your choice of gift file (details in this post) AND you’ll get a copy of Endless Stroking!  OFFER EXPIRED, ALL CLAIMED!

This offer is first come first served, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So grab one fast, while you can!

And remember guys, if we don’t know who you are, we can’t give you your reward. So make sure you drop us a message with a screen shot of your order confirmation, or include a gift-note that states your email address, in order to claim your loop! 🙂



[UPDATE] In under 20 hours, ALL fifteen giftcards were bought! This offer is officially over. A huge thank-you to everyone who took part! 🙂 

During this holiday drive, I will give away fifteen copies (and only fifteen copies) of a new, exclusive brainwashing loop that will never be available for purchase. Seriously, never.

If you want one of them, read on and hurry up!


If you buy one of the fifteen physical, $25 Amazon giftcards (the first item on this list), you’ll get entered to win a free custom loop and get your choice of gift file (details in this post) AND you’ll get a copy of The Mistress Mantra.

It’s a 9-minute seamless brainwashing loop (by Ember) that will increase obedience to your Mistress (no matter who that is). Mistress is always right, and the moment of obedience is pure pleasure. Resistance isn’t only futile, but attempting it will only make you antsy to comply!

While this loop might make a comeback in a future holiday drive, it will NEVER be available for general purchase or download.

And when all fifteen of those giftcards are bought? That’s it for this year!

(Remember, Amazon won’t alert me when things are purchased off the wishlist! You’ll have to shoot me an email at emberandether(at)gmail[dot]com to claim your loop!)