Sissy fantasy available for PERSONALIZED PRE-ORDER

I’m working on a steamy custom sissy-fantasy session right now. It happens to be non-exclusive, so I will release a generic version toward the end of the month. It will be part of the Sissy Bot world, and thus will only be available for purchase.

Here’s the really fun bit – I’m offering this file for personalized PRE-ORDER. For $75, you can pre-order a personalized copy of this incredibly hot 45-minute fantasy. Your will be addressed by name in the file at least ten times. (Still scripting, so I can’t be exact.)

I can only take pre-orders through October 18th* because the file cannot be personalized after I record it. All recording for this file, including your personalized lines, will happen in a single session to maintain flawlessly matched audio quality.

Read the description and imagine how hot it would be to hear your name on my lips, to hear me speak directly and unmistakably to you. Those of you who have heard your own name spoken in a custom hypnosis file know how powerful it can be. Those of you who haven’t had that pleasure yet, this is an incredibly affordable way to pop your cherry!

The Dressing Room


Length: ~45 min
Personalized Pre-Order Price: $75
General-Release Price: $29.99

I am your Mistress, and I have brought you to an upscale lingerie shop. You are all dressed up as my sissy gurl – short pink dress, a pink collar, white stockings, and shiny pink fuck-me heels. From your glossy, painted toenails to the luxurious hair cascading down your shoulders, you are every bit the sexy sissy slave I adore having by my side.

Inside the store, you behave as my perfectly programmed little slut-puppet. Trying on lingerie as I bring it to you in the dressing room, stepping outside to model it for me – and anyone in the store who wants to sneak a peek, of course! Beneath the lingerie, you are wearing a butt plug and nipple clamps, like good sissy.

The combination of the sex toy inside you, the tight clamps squeezing your sensitive nipples, and being publicly displayed as a horny little girl has you distracted and dripping.

Because I’m a kind Mistress, I follow you into the dressing room, order you to the ground, and let you fuck yourself with your toy, like I know you’re desperate to do. The gentle conversation of the store patrons in the background becomes audible now and again as curious customers get closer to the dressing room and remark on what they hear.

And they hear plenty… Because, sissy bot, you must obey your programming, so you moan like a whore the whole time, leaving no question in everyone’s mind as to exactly what’s going on in the dressing room. But just so everyone is completely clear, I will make you end our little shopping trip by going to the store attendant to explain (and show!) that you made a sticky, wet mess of some panties you were trying on, and that you need to pay for them with your slave allowance.

But don’t worry, sweetie… I’m a kind Mistress, remember? So I’m going to buy you other panties as gifts too. You lucky little slut!

NOTE: This is a FANTASY-ONLY file! It exists inside my mind and yours – where there is blissfully no such thing as breaking the law, nor accidentally involving a real person who is non-consenting in our sexy public games. This file will NOT make you to participate in public play in real life.

*I retain the right to end this offer sooner than the 18th if I receive too many pre-orders. So don’t wait until the last minute!

To reserve your personalized copy now, just enter your sissy name and email address below. I will contact you with payment instructions.