The Maze

The Maze – Supernatural Fantasy Hypnosis, by Ember & Charlotte


Ember and Charlotte (as Arkadia) take you on a haunting and thrilling journey to the center of an enchanted maze.

This hypnofantasy takes place on an ordinary day.  At least, it starts out ordinary. You decided to take a walk, and you enter an old hedgemaze on the sprawling grounds of a local estate. Once inside you realize you aren’t quite alone in the dimming light.  Soon you are being powerfully lured by two sexy, compelling voices coming from different directions.  Each time one speaks, it seems impossible to resist her.  She’s ensnaring you with everything from heat and lust to hard use and love. And just when you think you couldn’t do anything but follow that woman wherever she wants to take you, the other voice begins to speak and lures you back toward her with even more delicious promises…

In the end, you must make a choice. Which path to choose?  Which voice, which woman, which Mistress,  to follow into your own personal oblivion?  Choose wisely, for you might be surprised how it turns out.

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Halcyon Daze

As many of you have figured out, I’ve privately released my first file in a LONG time!

I love this one… It’s just absolutely everything I want in a dominant hypnotic trance. I know you’re going to love it too! (In fact, some of you who have it have already told me how much you love it, lol.)

Length: 18+ minutes (optionally loopable)
Price: $19.99 $9.99

NOTE: The intro price of $9.99 is valid through 01/11/2018, and is only available to those who received a NF email with a private Goody Bag link! On Friday, the file goes live to the public and the price will be $19.99.

If you don’t already have this file, go check your NF account RIGHT NOW and see if you were among the lucky ones to get a link to the private and discounted Goody Bag. If not, you can wait until Friday to buy it when the bag goes live to the public!

This is a singularly sultry, layered erotic trance – truly the Halcyon Daze. It’s a gorgeous hypnotic mind warp perfect for every submissive friend, fan, or follower.

It’s an all-consuming mesmerizing experience of deepest submission, a craving to serve, intense physical arousal, deep peace and pleasure, and an abiding need to be MINE – can you imagine anything sweeter or more perfect?

You’ll want to re-live these Halcyon Daze over and over again.

And you CAN!!! Because this mp3 works as a straight-shot trance or it can be looped for extended pleasure and play.

Since it’s loopable, there is no induction. This file is ALL content, and uses my Drop Like a Rock trigger in the place of a induction.

(On that note, don’t be alarmed that it starts a little abruptly with no music fade in or anything – don’t worry, that IS the beginning, that format is what makes it loopable!)

*This is a NF-Exclusive file. It will not be made free, nor will it be available for purchase on any other platform or with any other payment method.

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