Tick-Tock – Premature Ejaculation Fantasy/Training by Ember

Length: 39 minutes
Price: $20 donation
(Released during the 2017 Charity Drive)

Tick-Tock, pet. 

In this guided fantasy/training you’re going to prove yourself to be something very special for me. You know I like eager boys, don’t you? We’re going to take that to the extreme tonight. I don’t just want you horny, ready, eager… I want you right. on. the. edge. From the word go.

Tick-tock, what a jumpy little cock!

You see, I think it’s amusing to train a boy to be SUCH a slut that he cums way, way too soon. One pump, maybe two, is all he can handle before he’s blowing his load.

Tick-tock, who owns that cock?

In a way… You can see how perfect it is. This is how it should be. In what universe would YOU be able to go for hours and hours, fucking a perfect, dominant, unattainable woman without orgasm? How does that even make sense? You claim to be submissive, to worship women. To desire nothing – NOTHING – more than to be with a woman like that. So it follows that her mere presence could put you over the edge. And just sliding into her wet, tight, pussy, well… That’s an ecstasy your body must respond to IMMEDIATELY.

Tick-tock, show me your hair-trigger cock!

Near-instant ejaculation when permitted to penetrate a gorgeous, dominant woman is, in fact, the most obvious way to prove yourself a TRULY submissive man. It is an offering of subservience, proof that she is your complete, ultimate desire. The idea of you lasting more than a stroke or two within the warm wetness between her legs is an insult to her beauty, her power…

Will this mean she will have to find another man to satisfy her long, lustful fantasies? An alpha to fuck her long and hard to satisfy her deep urges? Yes, of course. But that was never your role to fill. Ignore it. Disregard it. It has nothing to do with you. You are here for one purpose – to prove your devotion, to prove that she is your everything.

So dive into this file, start learning, start practicing, start racing the clock… Tick-tock. There are just seconds on the clock.

(Because it’s the holidays and I’m feeling oh-so-generous… I have laid out two paths at the end of this file. You will be able to leave this fantasy of ultra-premature-ejaculation right here, in this file, as a fantasy to be explored only when you listen… OR your mind may choose to inject this fantasy into your other sexual encounters. The need to cum lightning-fast seeping into every time you place your hand on your cock, every sexy fantasy you have, ever chance you get to please a woman. Thus starting you down path to being permanently premature! But that’s up to your mind and your deepest subconscious needs and desires – your mind will choose the best path for you.)

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Happy Thanksgiving…

Okay, fine, not really. But I needed your attention.

We will NOT be holding the annual charity event this year.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and debating this decision. I’ve spoken to friends in the scene. In the end, the choice was clear.

I don’t feel like I need to explain, because the rest of you are living through the same 2020 we are, but here are a few of the reasons:

1.) It’s not fair to ask sexworkers to do free labor right now.

This is the big one, for me. I’m not going to do, or ask my friends to do, free labor right now. I don’t know who has a partner out of work, who has kids/family stuck at her home that make it difficult to record, whose clients fell off the face of the earth and made dents in her income. So I’m just not going to ask anyone to do free labor, period.

2.) I don’t want fans/supporters to feel like they’re missing out.

I know people plan and budget for new charity files every year, and I recognize that it may not have been possible this year. I don’t want people to feel like they have to miss out because 2020 fucked their wallet harder than any findomme ever could.

3.) I’m a healthcare worker, and I’m tired.

I want to say right up front that I have it better than most. I work in an ICU, but I work for a hospital with deep pockets and plenty of PPE, and I take care of babies/children. But this year has been exhausting anyway. I’ve come home after a stretch of days and slept for 12-13 hours. I haven’t done that since I was a teenager! We’ve got an 18%+ positive rate among staff, and it’s scary and draining to have to leave your house and go work in a building filled with hundreds of people, come in close contact to people all day, and know that a procedure mask is all that’s between you and whoever the dumbass next to you partied with that weekend. This charity drive takes a LOT of energy and time, and I am desperately short on both right now.


If you can, make a donation to a local organization that helps kids at the holidays. I can’t give you anything in return, but feel free to tweet at me and let me know you did it. Honestly, seeing how generous and charitable our fans and followers are is a HUGE highlight of my year and I’m so sad to be missing out on that feeling this year!

Please consider sending a nice, fat Christmas tribute to the domme(s) of your choice. It’s been a ROUGH 2020, emotionally, for a lot of us. From the election to isolation to finances, a lot of Dommes got slammed. And often, they can’t show you any of the anxiety or fear or rage they felt because that’s not “sexy” and they’ve got to put on a show online. Getting a big chunk of cash will make far more of a difference than you know.

Oh, and wear a fucking mask. 🙂

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